Healing: Physics Perspective for September 2019

Many modalities of healing discuss similar root themes. Such true healing appears to require an understanding of statements such as “Be the Light”, “ Go to That Stillness” “Listen with Intuition”, “Develop Shuniya”, “Presence First”, “Get out of your Way”, “Be the Vessel”, “Healing is Found in the Silence” and many more.
I have been observing modalities of healing throughout my life, from purposefully being near a massive pine tree in my front yard that calmed me as a child, to discussions with patients who had died briefly in the hospital, but came back to talk about it with me because I asked. My life long quest has been to understand the root of health and wholeness.
In search of the root of healing over my lifetime, I had to develop a sense of gut knowing or faith in a technique from a workshop, path, or class that I attended and practiced. I had to learn to get out of my head, get out of my own way, to really affect change in the healing process of myself and others. NOT an easy task.
So, beyond my conventional training in Nursing, I took classes in Kundalini yoga Levels 1 and Level 2 ( https://kundaliniresearchinstitute.org ) Meditations from my yoga Sadhana, Reiki ( https://www.healingsource.com ), Sat Nam Rasayan, (https://www.3ho.org/subtle-healing-sat-nam-rasayan ) and also Visceral Manipulation/ Neuro Manipulation from the Barral Institute www.barralinstitute.com who not surprisingly incorporate a method of “Listening” to help assess the body’s need for adjustment, a communication to the healers hand about a distress that affects the whole system.
They all required a trust and a quiet of my mind, kind of tricky to say the least for me with this wicked busy brain. But I have persevered and I improve in my understanding of healing every day by taking time every day for meditation and pause as well as continued workshops with those who heal.
So what about physics? Here is the really cool part. I have now started studies from a chiropractor in California who was given a sudden and profound understanding about the healing properties of his hands. His name is Eric Pearl and his site is: https://www.thereconnection.com Through his attempts to understand the crazy healing he was accomplishing, he turned to science and research to help. So here goes the science:
We are made of sub-atomic Particles that communicate and vibrate in synchronicity called Quantum Entanglement. We are also made of Waves or frequencies, which have been described as Resonance and Coherence.
Amazingly, we have access to photons in our cells that emit light to communicate within our own bodies and with other bodies, (https://drjoedispenza.net/blog/health/biophotons-the-light-in-our-cells/ ) . We can access this form of light through our hands and our minds, infinitely expanding that light out to others, even long distances. This field of light in others is sometimes called the aura, the chakras, or in Kundalini, called the series of 10 bodies. This light energy is accessible and emitted through intention.
The rest of our bodies are mostly made of lots and lots of empty space that holds infinite amounts of energetic information that is assessable by, guess what? being still, emptying our minds, being curious, and living with awe. That is the root of real healing: Shuniya (https://www.3ho.org/community/your-stories/shuniya-point-stillness-lifes... ).
So to serve in the highest good: Be still, curious, and be the light that shines into all, without attachment to the outcome. Spreading that photonic light leaves no room anything else and it starts with accessing that light within. Use your intuitive skills in that quiet space between thoughts to feel changes in your own body’s vibration and frequency before and when in connection with others. Breathe from the diaphragm, slow and deep, and listen to that still, small voice of wholeness within to heal.
To see my solo paper on breathing techniques, copy and paste… https://sigma.nursingrepository.org/handle/10755/558648