Happy May and the Month of MOM

This month seems to be a good time to discuss energy balance of the masculine and feminine in all of us. We all have within our core spirit a blend of masculine and feminine energy. The ancient Chinese, as early as 700 bc understood this balance in presenting the concept of yin/yang in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Balance is essential for life. Having a very one-sided energy brings disharmony and dis-ease to the body. And it is impossible to have only one without the other. The balance of the energies is described as Qi (chi).

Some examples of Yin energy are: light, sun, fire, time, activity, round, left, back, male.
Some examples of Yang energy are: darkness, moon, water, space, rest, flat, right, front, female.

The celebration of Mother’s day was described as an honor of women as early as Greek times. It was originated as a protest to war in the United States and that matches well with the struggle of war and peace / yin and yang, in the ongoing struggles for balance of life.

So how to continue the healing theme this month? Women are often not celebrated enough for the ability to balance the yin/yang of life as they nurture, teach, speak, listen, touch, grow, and heal.

So this month give honor and a warm hug to those who birth ideas, plans, dreams, hopes, passions, as well as birthing the next generation to help heal our universe.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY: keeping a balance of softness and strength in mind.