February the month of endings and new beginnings

Isn't it amazing that we are half way through February already? This has been a huge transition month so far.

If you work with numbers: This is the year of completion called a nine year. So get cleaning those closets and also the cobwebs of your mind.

At the same time, the Fire Monkey chinese year begins by asking for flexibility in finances and in life and reflection on self.

This is also the beginning of Lent which has a very similar theme of reflection, sacrifice, fresh starts and oh, clean the closets???

Adar is a jewish celebration of joy and completion as it ends the jewish calendar year preparing for new beginnings.

Oh, and Mars retrograde? always meant for a time to reflect, gather information, think before acting????

The culmination of such diverse paradigms have a common thread: Don't attach to outcomes, remain flexible, move forward with agility, forgiveness, gratitude, intuition, trust....

Join in for light Yoga with the sound of the soothing gong Wednesday night at 6pm. ($15.00) See www.healgracefully.com for the location at 40th st. and south of Bell.

Kathleen Benjamin Rickard, DNP, APRN, FNP-C
Doctor of Nursing Practice / Family Nurse Practitioner