February 2023: Letting Go to Make Room for Awesome

As we move toward spring, it is time to imagine what seeds we want to plant. This month is about cleaning out the cobwebs in our minds and in our closets. We have an opportunity to observe, see more clearly, where truth vs fiction really blurred our lives.

What brought you fear especially over the last few years? Is it possible that it may have been from outside influences that we cannot control, mandating that we relinquish our personal power? Or perhaps it was internal triggers from past times?
In our quest to grow in a very turbulent universe, how do we process all of our emotions from the past in order to be ready to blast forward next month with fresh thinking and learning?

It seems that the first step to freedom from our past and movement forward unencumbered, requires that we must first acknowledge our grief and loss. Breathe quietly, in through the nose, out through the nose, dropped shoulder, quieting that quick and frustrated mind for a moment or several moments each day.

And in that moment or moments, bless our challenges as growth experiences, and find something to feel grateful for with grace. Develop a discerning and quick mind that sees things for what they really are, and be able to let go/ let God.

To do anything but this, lends to feeling always ungrateful, a feeling that we are victims to the mysteries of life. It leads us to feeling confused, and unable to let go of what no longer serves us as we prepare for March and beyond.

Learn to lean into your intuition, slowly breathe with a quiet meditative/ prayerful mind. And prepare for the seeds you will plant. Set yourself to jump start manifestation for what you DO want, as it will occur at lightning speed, if you take time to listen to that still small voice.

I had an opportunity to speak with my good friend Melinda Vail recently about how I do my work. I hope you enjoy this video:


Have a peaceful February.