February 2022: Building Prana and Life Force

Prana is a Sanskrit word that describes our essence, the energy surrounding us. It is also known as CHI. It is the driving force of our being. In the context of this month, it is represented by the number 8, and it offers the power of bold strength. Breath work, called pranayama, is a vital and positive action to maintain our Pranic flow and therefore our Life Force.
This month of February is about putting plans into action, moving forward. Perhaps consider writing an action plan. Fearlessly.
Humans do better when hope and peace can be visualized. Hopelessness and apathy bring despair and dullness to the table. How can you turn an emotion of fear and worry to a different active thought? Look at the trigger when these emotions surface and say no, even if for a moment. And remember that service for others helps distance us from our limiting beliefs.
Of course, all action plans require thought. The controlled diaphragmatic breath with meditation helps to build and sustain our prana as we develop our plans. One very powerful pranayama is called the breath of fire. See www.3ho.org or find a YouTube to learn more about how to do the breath of fire. Commit to 90 days of this breath and the power of you will be evident.
Interesting contemplation while we are doing our meditative breath work: Note the date of 02-22-2022 as it is said that it is the the gateway to the Aquarian way. We have worked so long for this potential of elevated energy and light, so it is important to breathe and consider our actions and power to spread the light everywhere.
So Manifest! Have ideas? Say it is so! Accomplish a goal. Say something that needs to be said, increase activity and action. Have attitude with gratitude and march on into and with the light.