February 2021: Self Appreciation and Self Care

Who was St. Valentine? Turns out there are lots of versions of this man (or different men), with the same ending. As I read through the versions, they all seemed to have themes of heroism, stepping up for what they thought to be right, healings of others, passion, and eventually martyrdom.
In these times, the ability to develop a sovereign and autonomous self in order to serve seems to have been stalled.
Fear is infecting so many, lack of voice is common, truth to one becomes a lie to the other, healing is not the point, experimental programs are now “ok”, and intolerance to any thought that you don’t subscribe becomes so challenging for the ability to seeing the light that shines in each of us. When we don’t comply with the loud outside voice, even when it makes no sense, then somehow, we are shunned. That lack of appreciation of independent thought, disrespecting the human self emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually is appalling right now.
This month of love must start with self-respect, self-love, self-appreciation. When we are in this kind of self-awareness, it is much easier to NOT be threatened by other points of view. No need to follow an outside collective thought and action, especially when there is no basis for this noise. Be still and listen.
Let us be alone with our selves without being lonely, try to see others’ views while respecting our own views for just a moment. See through compassion to decrease judgment. Find the spark between every set of eyes to bring hope.
Happy Month of Hope and Love: Sing, dance, chant, meditate, move, imagine, see, feel, breathe, get out, practice daily self-care, enjoy.