February 2020: Home and Heart Through the Lens of the Neutral Mind.

As I sped through January with lightning speed, I seemed to barely get a chance to imagine the potential opportunities awaiting me for this new year. I don’t think I even got a chance to develop a plan for this year yet. But then maybe that is the plan: float, be flexible, and develop a strategy for rebuilding relationships and our world, one step at a time.

Last week, I had the opportunity to experience a wonderful, yet intense, day of meditation and yoga called White Tantric. This is a sacred healing event of concentrated meditations and chanting, where a huge room of folks sit in specific lines, keeping a specific sitting position, and chanting together for either 31 or 62 minutes at a time with short breaks in between. Of importance to me is that three different meditations had the same chant which was I- WE- Wahe Guru. Translation? Wahe Guru means essentially yay God, or Hallelujah. “I – We - Yay God”. Perfect for the month of the neutral mind and heart in the year of new beginnings. It reminds me that this month and year are about inclusiveness, healing on a higher level, and all this instead of a “mine vs. yours” kind of fragmentation.

And then this week provided us with an unusually bright and shiny full moon called the Snow moon. It is/ was closer to the earth than most full moons, therefore called a supermoon. The moon affects so much of our lives including water. And since the human body is composed of a bit more than 50% water, why could we even question the effects the moon might have on our lives. This full moon time and throughout February is a perfect time to slow down, breathe, and be present to our neutral self.

So, this is the Month of family, heart, and home where we are asked to take the higher ground in healing these relationships, re-establishing what home means to us, developing and enhancing a sacred area for practicing silence, peace, the breath. In this way we can practice being neutral toward the chaos that seems to keep us distracted. Breathe in peace, breathe out calm. Enjoy the rest of the month. Happy Valentine's Day.
Check out both Friends of Agua Fria National Monument ( FAFNM), and www.Ericshouse.org Both places offer opportunities to serve in very different ways.