February 2019 Snowy and Rushed

February 2019: the month that seemed to rush by way too fast… With all good intentions to continue to develop thoughts on healing, it seems I spent too much energy this month trying to push for a particular and detailed historic theme. And it just wasn’t working for me. I forgot the root of healing just as many healing modalities of the past forgot… So, I now surrender to reflection on the peace found in the weather and the wind.
The windmill in snow in the southwest. We sure did see such an amazing view of snow in very unusual places around Arizona, just for our contemplation and pleasure….. What a peaceful glimpse of nature beckoning for us to stop, wait, be present, and allow the feelings of nature with all its elements to envelope us.
What does this month’s picture represent? The earth supporting, the water seen by snow, the fire represented as metal, the air as the vanes, and the ether as the surrounding clouds. Those elements are called the five tattva’s. This is a visual expression of a healing art called Sat Nam Rasayan. A beautiful healing modality that I now incorporate into a blend of energy healing along with Reiki and visceral manipulation/listening to the body as it asks for help...
I hope you found peace and pause with the weather extremes here and found a way to have fun with the variety of visual experiences like snow and cactus, or the desert blanketed in cold, cloudy days. So this ends an unusual February indeed! Stay warm.