Energy Medicine

Science continues to improve the ability to see the tiniest particles in the universe. The better they are seen, the more life is seen as the microcosm within the macrocosm. In other words, we are particles and waves not unlike everything else in the universe.
Our uniqueness is dependent on our emotions, thoughts, history, and just a little bit of genetics.
The gift of humanity is the ability to access healing energy and heal ourselves while we heal each other in the universe. Our hands, our minds, and our words have the most amazing ability to heal. Amazingly, the less attachment we put on the outcome, the better we act as the conduit for healing. Unconditionally seeing the spark in everyone seems to produce better healing.
This is a matter of physics, quantum physics. Nothing is touching and everything is touching, as the saying goes.
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I now blend a form of listening to the body: First by touching the top of the head, thus accessing the stress through the body that needs to be worked. More information at:

Then I add Sat Nam Rasayan which is a neutralizing my own five senses, then sensing the mis-alignments of the person in front of me, accessing what might smooth out that dis-balance, and then make that sensation neutral. More information see:

Then I add Reiki: an amazing tool for balancing the subtle energy of the body. For more information on this see my teacher: Sangeet at

Finally I use my hands over the body as I was instructed, to play with the energy between my hands in curious ways to allow my healing energy to merge with the healing energy of the person in front of me. More on this please see:

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