December 2023: Personal Strength and Clarity

What a year of challenges! How has your journey evolved for you? As 2023 comes to a close, we can reflect on the opportunities given throughout the year, revisit our old and outdated thoughts, reinvent our passions, look deeply at our self-talk, address our family/community dynamics, as well as our perceived judgments of right vs wrong. Those paradigms whether processed or not, can be exhausting as they are exposed to us, especially through this year.
If we chose to take that deep dive with our stories, and continue to address our beasts exposed in 2023, then all that hard work in the mind is making ready for an amazing 2024.
Our ongoing shift in personal as well as global consciousness continues to give us more ways to expand our curiosity, observe gratitude, heal from our past. The eclipses of this season, retrogrades, sun flares, planetary shifts are all providing opportunities to be still and observe, then to continue on, gaining our momentum to manifest our hopes and plans for our future endeavors. Look to 2024 for enhanced and powerful personal strength, critical thinking, forward movement with intuitive decisions, as well as our ever more powerful link to infinity (number 8). The key is in the reflection of our historic story as we leave this cycle of self-doubt and enter a year of action on our new ideas and thoughts.
Have a peaceful pause and reflection this holiday season.
P.S. I plan on speaking once a month at Essential Family Health and Wellness. Scroll all the way down this website for classes: