December 2022: Letting Go What Does Not Serve

This is a particularly powerful month at the end of a long year of gifts and challenges. And after so many attempts to restart the engines of prosperity, momentum, and healing of self as well as of others, it is now time to pause and reflect for a bit.

This is a nine month of completion and letting go of those outdated paradigms, worn out frustrations, tiresome worries that wear out the soul. Great timing too as it is also the end of the year, with plenty of opportunity to work through these sometimes challenging exercises called self reflection…

Here are a few thoughts to let go for 2022:
What may have been the blocks for accomplishing your heart felt goals and aspirations?
Do you still feel like you are in survival mode?
Maybe still feeling disconnected from those around you?
Forgot to add yourself into your to do list of self-care options?

I know I can easily find plenty of fodder for self-criticism. It has its value at times. Now though, it is time to let your quick mind and intuition reign for what is left of this month in order to project the rest of the story.

Were you able to keep a sense of integrity during this year?
Could you make any time to hone in on your intuitive skills?
Are you beginning to feel more connected to the others again?
And how about the connection to the universe day by day?
Are you learning any new information toward self-awareness?
Were you able to find comfort in reorganizing your home?

It is never too late to set sites on appreciating the gifts and graces that have come your way through this journey called 2022. And here’s to 2023, whose theme will be about using voice to uplift self and others. Let’s have more of that!!!

Enjoy the “winter scene” of Arizona from a recent hike I took, and have a blessed holiday season,