December 2021: Empowerment Through Compasson

This last month of 2021 is the month of compassionate action, personal health choices, and standing up in higher consciousness to NOT allowing others to dictate our personal health and wellness. This month is dedicated to empowerment, resolve in personal strength, and preparing us to move into the year 2022 related to the heart/ home /integrity/ sacred space.
Fear and worry disabled our power as we waited to be told how to be protected. Meanwhile universal energy provided us with a reset of our energy starting with a forced halt of our old and outdated collective consciousness. Slowly and with time, tapping into our awareness, consciousness, and curiosity, we have come, or are coming, to understand that our true power is actually available from within, not from without. We are learning that our collective being as mind/body/spirit are still within our potential personal choices.
It is now time to transform outside power, story-telling, and sometimes force, to inside empowerment and compassionate awareness and open connections/communications.
Always remember that Energy follows Thought.
It is extremely important right now, to step back and view the world with a renewed consciousness and awareness as if through a new view finder, while we leave behind our obsolete beliefs and programming. In this way, we enter our newly activated and awakening selves by being in the light.
Remember how important you are for the advancement of our collective consciousness. I just watched, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, in black and white to remind myself once again that we all have purpose and are born for this time. Maybe consider taking time to watch that lovely movie….
The universe is supporting our crystalline evolution through some pretty magical and powerful energy influx during the 40 days up to 12/21/21. The date of 12/12/21 is considered a time of strong activation as a holy gate to this oncoming and very healing solstice. This date of 12/12/21 begins a time to very consciously pay attention to how the energy is shifting rapidly all around and through us for the rest of the month.
As these holidays are celebrated, remember to allow time every day to feel these higher transmissions and to tap into the frequencies provided through nature. Promise yourself the gift of awareness and self-care this month so you will be able to view the deep, unstoppable, and profound shift surfacing everywhere. That is how we will be able to reclaim our life force and power through nature and crystalline awareness.
From Patricia Cota-Robles at Era of
Be Still and Know that I am God
Be Still and know that I am
Be still and know
Be still