December 2020: The Ending and the Beginning

This month has brought so many twists and turns that it is frankly difficult to keep up. But then that may be the perfect design for the last month of the wildest ride called 2020. As we complete this year, I am reminded that we have been given cues over and over to pause, breathe, quiet the mind, be flexible, get sleep, learn to connect in new ways, spend differently, live in society differently, and seek peace through enormous pressure and adversity.

What have we learned? What part of this crazy were we born at this time to explore? It was already occurring to us that we needed to get off this gerbil wheel of environmental destruction, social destruction, life going full speed into the wall, yet how could we have known that we would have to hit that wall full on before we would be able to reboot? So here we are.

As we end the year and the planets align in a new era, it is time to remember what has been gained as well as what has been lost. Through many months of contemplation and reflection, I learned a fundamental truth recently: We can ask what the world/ life/ universe/ God/ society…. does TO us, or we can ask what these events/people/universe/ God… do FOR us. There is a huge difference in how we move forward with the use of these two questions.

What the outside did TO us leaves us victimized, abused, and wanting. Consider that “TO us” implies that someone else is responsible for our feelings, our actions, our wellbeing. And that if others behaved the way we want them to, then the world would turn on its axis properly.
Consider for a minute what the outside did “FOR us” and this thought inherently provides us with an opportunity for curiosity, reflection and pause. It gives us a chance to take adversity and grow on a very personal level. Not to mention prosperity, and a vision of a cleaned-up environment, and a chance for our children to learn flexibility through challenges of life, as an example.

So, what do you want for your new life in 2021? The answers certainly aren’t clear but the ability to adapt is improving along the way. So, I ask lots of advice from mentors and friends. I have taken lots of online classes, searched deeply for my own truth, asked help through meditation, prayer. I belong to a group meditation. I have a life coach. I ask for a tune up for my body when it seems to be too exhausted.

One of the events I really gain so much comfort from is Sangeet’s weave of numbers for each year. You may have noticed that I incorporate numbers into my monthly blog…
The online class regarding the numerology for 2021 is actually very, very soon: She will have her online class this year on Sunday December 27th (today). Sorry for the short notice but to sign up, her website is, or, if you are interested in taking this course too.

This is certainly an extremely difficult time for all, so carry on with compassion. Stay in a peaceful balance as often as you can through conscious awareness, and look with a spark of light and gratitude at all the changes, as a design upgrade FOR our highest good.