December 2019: Pause and Reflect

I had an unusual conversation with an unlikely yet amazingly wise woman at a workshop I went to this month. The workshop was brimming with beautiful souls seeking ways to help others. The way of such healing in this case is called The Reconnections and is taught by a chiropractor named Eric Pearl. For more information about this healing work see: (

Eric brought in a special guest, a woman who helped him understand his newly found gifts for healing. This elderly woman, named Cipora, was very nervous about speaking so she read a series of her own poems to the audience. One of the poems really touched me with lovely verse offering hope.

I approached this woman later in the evening and asked her what insight she might have for hope of this world, because I felt she might have understood my question based on the beautiful poem that she offered to us. She then spoke simple, truthful words that were so lovely and kind.

She said, “Remember that this world is and always will be a planet of both light and dark. It is also true that there is far, far, far more light than dark. Darkness cannot continue to be dark as long as a spark is introduced. Just like a match in a dark room will remove dark, seeing light in others dispels their dark. It is your job to seek out and see the spark in everyone. Be the Spark. See the spark, so it can dispel the darkness in even the most darkened corners. See the spark in everyone and that spark will grow.” She said that to me, pointing her finger toward my forehead while meeting my eyes in such a wonderful kindness.

So I end 2019, a most challenging year in so many ways, with hope and light. I am also fortunate to have had wonderful guidance from those who have studied under Yogi Bhajan because he said very similar things about the polarity of darkness and light and to serve by being the light. So I have heard these words before in slightly different ways.

I pause, breathe, and reflect as I brace myself with hope for the new beginnings of 2020 with lightening speed. Be the light that sees the many sparks of light as we understand and overcome darkness one spark at a time.

Many Blessings for your special holiday celebrations. See you in 2020.