August 2023: The Dog Days of Summer

This August has been a time of subtle shifting and taking that deep dive in matters of the heart.
Lion’s Gate is the 8th of August each year and is seen around the world as a move or shift from an outdated thought to a fresh start. It is an opportunity to pause and listen within for the shifts and guidance as our universe resets a bit.
It was interesting to read about Lion’s Gate especially in relationship to the term “dog days of summer” because of Arizona’s unrelenting heat this August. Apparently that term had an origin with either the Egyptians or Greeks and was related to the star SIRIUS’ appearance in the sky, and aligning with the sun. The Egyptians celebrated that time because the viewing of Sirius coincided with the flooding of the Nile, promising nutrient rich crops. The ancient Greeks noted that Sirius was the brightest star in the constellation called Canis Major, therefore called it the dog star. It appears each summer as it aligns with our sun, thus identifying it with the dog days of summer.
Lion’s Gate is a celebration of the alignment of our Sun and Sirius, promising new beginnings, and fresh starts with our relationships, work, habits, patterns, home. The number 8 is a sign of infinity and so the time called Lion’s Gate (8/8) is considered a potential for greater levels of intuition and spirituality.
This month then has been a slow-down kind of month to contemplate, read a book or two, take a class, swim, hike in the mountains, practice intuitive skills, enhance simple projects in the home. It is an important time to rejuvenate for the sake of our immune system by taking in some vitamin D, adding vitamin C rich bright colored fresh veggies and fruits, drink plenty of clean, clear water.
Have a great rest of August and stay in the flow.