August 2022: Change as Opportunity

Welcome to August with lots and lots of changes, challenges, and low vibratory heckling to observe. This month can fool us like the photo I chose, taken during a hike in Colorado recently. Are we seeing a vision outside, or just a picture on a wall?
We are in a five-month representing our ability to either dance with flexibility, balance, and striving for greatness OR surrender to greed, intolerance, over indulgence. and addictive thought and behavior…
This month, it is very important to direct the energy of our higher selves with passion and dignity. Our words emit a vibration and the intention of our thoughts put into words are more powerful than ever before. It is important now to use our transformational words AND thoughts as a tipping point of change that will bring peace, prosperity, higher vibrations, and kindness.
The key here is to observe the illusion distracting us for what it is and focus with all our might at not only our personal greatness but the world we want for the highest good and for sustainability. See the manifestation of that higher vibration, surround that thought in bright light, and send that light impulse where it is needed most. Speak of wellness, potential, and expansion. Welcome change as bringing opportunity and hope.
At this time, we have a particularly vibrant surge in our human energy frequency to help us. That is because right now we are entering a portal, some calling Lion’s Gate. This is such an amazing opportunity to remember ancient wisdom of light on one side of this metaphorical gate and future aspirations of transformation on the other side. Then, while balancing earth and spirituality, we pass through this gate of Presence with discipline, dignity and compassion. Through intention, we activate this amazing energy frequency for the benefit of ourselves and all planetary inhabitants.
Have a Blessed August,