August 2021 and the Neutral Mind

This is considered a four month. This time is intended to provide opportunities for structure, organization, bringing folks together, and the chance to rise above the din with a neutral mind. Who could imagine that potential being so tricky? As the world seems to remain in a state of chaos and control, we are clearly led to decide what is best not only for ourselves but also our planet that nourishes us. What is with this surge of water over this month? A kind of soothing? And the fires? Is that a planetary mirror about our human discord with so much anger and fear?
I continue to set the discord to the side as much as my human self can possibly accomplish, and take pause several times in the day, even if for a moment at a time. In that pause I can find a moment of peace. Is that the eye of the storm I am accessing? Maybe, but it is in that moment and space where I touch presence. And then in that place I can grow and find healing within a neutral mind…
Take moments in your day to find peace within and without. Seek out nature, the water, plants, birds…. And remember, that which you give attention to… GROWS.