August 2019: The Month for Inner Guidance

August has just flown by for me as I write my blog on the last day of the month, what???? I found it interesting that the confusing thoughts and contemplation required for getting through July, seeped into August as well.

The Month of August, in the year of creativity vs burnout, play vs overcommitting, offers the power needed for great miracles and manifestation to occur. This is a time of wonderful opportunities to manifest on a level that has not been available for eons.

Indeed, there are light-workers/ angel workers, huge prayer groups, enormous meditation groups worldwide and from all forms of healing faiths that have independently been voicing hope for the coming time of higher consciousness and healing in unprecedented ways.

Certainly this is very difficult to see if anyone is watching the day by day fear inducing talk, action, and treatment of our world and all living creatures on this planet. The word out there is that much of this is intended to distract from inner growth and higher resonance .

In physics, the discussion about coherence may apply to our changing world. I am learning that we are essentially vibratory waves and particles that come together in an organized fashion to dance.
The lack of rhythm is incoherence like a musical band suddenly out of synch, causing the dancers to be confused. Right now that confusion is strongly felt by those who are seeking a higher consciousness and self-awareness.

So the key to getting back into the rhythm of our future world is to pause daily, breathe, remember inner guidance and visualize peace. Surround yourselves in the company of those that can visualize the hope and grand beauty of what is coming. This awareness is available now, starting slowly in the August month of miracles.

I was given the meditation below called Gyan Mudra Kriya to try when I was feeling one of my many bouts of emotional conflict. Try this one for 11 minutes a day for 90 days, it is really lovely and so wonderful before sleep. Rest well!