August 2018: The Month of Connection and Action

Bring on this Grand eighth month of 2018-August, with all kinds of interesting gifts and challenges. This is the highest travel month world wide and most valuable from a tourist perspective.
The month of August was originally named Sextillis with March being the first month of the year. Lots of politics occurred, but eventually what we know of as the Gregorian calendar was developed with 12 months. The honor of the 8th month was named after Augustus Caesar.
So what is with the number 8? First, I had always learned there were 7 chakras but I find out there are many cultures that see 12 chakras. So lets explore the 8th chakra.
The eighth chakra is seen as a link to the infinity and is located about an inch above the head. This is an energetic link, through meditation and prayer that allows us to dwell in the collective universal energy for insight. Interestingly, turn the 8 on its side and you have the symbol for infinity.
In yoga the number 8 has a similar representation. The 8th body of 10 bodies in Kundalini yoga is called Pranic body. It is the life energy connection to infinity.
Prana is carried on the breath, so learning powerful pranayama or breath is very important. It is associated with self-initiation, balancing the polarities of life through fearless forgiveness, and unshakable achievement.
Looking at this 8th month of the year of new beginnings through a numerology lens, we see an opportunity to take the energy provided now to shake off the old and reboot.
Now is the time to plan for new ventures, new adventures, and new goals for the rest of this year and into next year. This August offers an action-oriented energy to help motivate us to prepare our plans with our new ideas.
Take time for yourself this month, time to be still and listen to that inner voice. And I recommend you write to yourself every evening before going to bed a statement of intention beginning with I AM… And commune with the infinity to inspire.