April: The Month of Changeablility

April is a month full of new and fresh ideas as well as deadlines. All around you: see changes in decisions; changes in weather from gardening to snow and back again; changes in work with great projects that suddenly take a back burner to old projects needing completion; changes in travel plans, once going, then not, then a different time.

What does it look like to have strong intentions for this month while not caring or attaching to the outcomes of those intentions??? If that mindset can be accomplished, the adventures will prove very important and the outcomes generally better than the original idea.

This is the month to get outdoors to ground in nature and away from the city.
It doesn't matter as much how the adventure looks on the surface as the plans change and morph.
What matters is how we adapt to the changing landscape figuratively and literally.

Balance your breath and soul with yoga and the grounding sounds of the gong.
Wednesdays at 6pm...