April 2023: Heaven on Earth

Welcome to April as the month of divine inspiration and miracles of all sizes and shapes. Miracles are not always manifesting as we expect, but instead noted at a later time, as enormously important for our overall movement in grace.

In Arizona, the winter weather and change in the climate this year, produced so much rain that we have been blessed with flowers everywhere. Of course, weeds too, but the beauty of vast fields of flowers reminds us that the desert can produce such a fantastic image of renewal.

So, what of these weeds? Sneezing the morning away doesn’t seem like such a gift, but that is the challenge of a miracle month. And the eye of the beholder brings us to the topic of choosing what this miracle month provides.

What brings joy? What life experience gives a feeling of emotion that is worth growing? I went to a workshop provided by Abraham Hicks (Esther) that reminded me that what feels good (seeing flowers) can enhance my path in life, developing more of the same if I choose.

What is not my favorite (weeds), can take over my life, or I can choose to clean up a bit each day. And eventually seeing the yard surrounding me the way I want it, can be a discipline or project and not a sneezy enemy: My choice.

Maybe life is about growing joy, step by step. So please take time to find that beauty this month and follow that. Feelings that are fun, soothing and nurturing will always lead toward prosperity, peace and grace.