April 2022: New or Repeat Template

Ready for Spring and spring cleaning? Fresh start? This month opens that potential if we are curious enough to ask the questions. This is the month of April and all about new beginnings. While the breakdown of the old continues from March, we enter and get a peek at this month of rebirth and rejuvenation. What a mix of emotions after such turbulent times.
Can we see a new and upgraded kind of normal to embrace? Or do we continue making the same less sustainable choices moving forward?
Have you taken the time to step back and pause from media yet? Can you see that fear at every turn through media can affect your health and immunity? Have you given yourself a chance to quiet your mind long enough each day to remember who you are IN and OF the LIGHT?
In small steps, with daily practice, you can raise your own personal vibration. Find your own sound current. Try drumming, listen to a beautiful melody, sing daily, dance, enjoy surrounding yourself with the vibration of the gong. Recalibrate every day while being the neutral observer to the crazy around you. That is the healing way right now.
I pray for inner peace for each of us, so that we can then mirror that internal wellbeing, projecting that peace outward every day.
Please be well and remember wholeness.
PS: Please consider signing up for a gong vibration and labyrinth walk in the full moon this Saturday the 16th of April: 7:00pm, at Ericshouse. Sign up by looking up www.ericshouse.org under events. This is a donation only event.
And if you enjoy learning more about labyrinths, look again at Ericshouse for our annual labyrinth day on May 7th, 2022.