April 2020: Our Precious Earth

As we are all affected by the abrupt changes in our lives right now, what better time could there be to pause each day and assess our lives to this point while considering what it takes to reset our priorities.
When the simple process of going to the grocery store, or going to work, if there is a work to go to, is somehow more than just challenging, it is surely an opportunity to re-evaluate that which WILL bring us inner calm and peace. And with gratitude and curiosity, we can develop new patterns for our future right now. New aisles at the store to explore? New ways to develop prosperity? Important information about the health of the earth that speak out about?

Have you noticed how clear the sky is? What more can be gained from hiking in nature than could ever be accomplished at a gym? What if this universal shake down is necessary in the long run for us to stop what we think we need to do every day, and look again at what is important to ourselves, our families, our health, our world.

We are coming up to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day/Week. What will we do without clean air, water, soil, foods? Yes, this is a time for humans to reset, but can we really afford to neglect the very items on the earth that restore us?

Does the topic of electro-magnetic field make us nervous? Progress is important for humans, but to what price? I recommend reading about EARTHING, well-studied research about balancing our energetic bodies with the electrical system of the earth. See: https://earthinginstitute.net/?s=earthing Yes, EEGs, EKGs are examples of how electric our bodies are and balancing with bare feet on the grass, ground, even cement offers an enormous advantage to healing our bodies. Maybe consider turning off your wifi at night, to allow the body rhythm to get back into synch while you sleep.

During this time, choosing to read and listen to mindful programs helps us get and stay on track. One of my favorite authors is Louise Hay. Right now, you can sign up for a free summit with many healers speaking on various topics related to finding your way through these challenging times. See www.youcanhealyourlifesummit.com

Happy Earth Day and enjoy being outside where everything is particularly fresh right now. ENJOY and evaluate with curiosity, your time of pause.