April 2019: The Month to Celebrate Earth Day

In discussion about healing fully, there is a very well researched modality that is so basic that we not only take the concept for granted, we have through technology, inadvertently disconnected ourselves from one the most fundamental resources available to us for improved health and wellbeing.

Grounding or Earthing is based on scientific research that describes the ability for our bodies to rejuvenate by allowing the transfer of negative electrons from the earth / ground into our cells to heal. This is accomplished by exposure directly with the earth to utilize these electrons to neutralize free radicals that cause inflammation. These electrons are a source of the neutralizing power of antioxidants.

When our entire world is surrounded and protected from the earth through rubber of shoes, carpet, polished tile, paint, plastic, we now have a much better appreciation for our disconnected, scattered, anxiety ridden lifestyle. We have modernized so much that we no longer know that we have a simple way to heal.

How is this healing modality of the earth accessed? The most fundamental way is through the bare feet on the bare earth/ rocks/ grass/ sand. When was the last time you sat or stood outside with your shoes off for a little while? When was the last time you dug your hands into the dirt without gloves???

Numerous research projects have been working with applying a wire that connects the earth with the body. For more information and suggestions on cost effectively reconnecting to this healing modality and the research associated with this topic, see: https://www.earthinginstitute.net/research/

So on this month of the earth with Earth Day on April 22, 2019, please invest in your mind/ body/ spirit by sitting with nature with your shoes off and enjoy our precious planet while healing gracefully. Protect this earth for your own survival and health.

See you next month. Be well.