1000 day commitment to self improvement: October, 2014

This weekend marks the 1000th day of a daily meditation commitment. Imagine: just three months shy of three years of each day, without fail, despite travel and school, despite work, without a break in that commitment, a dedication to stilling the mind for a short time each day. In this case I chose a powerful healing meditation called Gyan Chakra Kriya meditation (www.3HO.org). This is a meditation to improve intuition, clear out stored anger; realize my reality and to allow prosperity to flow. Prosperity defined not just as a financial term, but also a deep gratitude of life experiences and the presence to communicate clearly and elevate my life and those with whom I speak.
According to Yogi Bhajan, from The Aquarian Teacher, Level One, practicing a daily commitment called a Sadhana for 1000 days allows for mastery of a new habit or consciousness that the chosen meditation offers. This allows the new habit to serve me. I am deeply grateful for this practice and for those who have helped me so much along this path. I am also thankful for Michael who shared his time and encouragement each day to this commitment.
I will continue this new habit for a bit more, as I am approaching 850 days of second meditation done in conjunction with this first. This meditation is called the Ether Tattva Mantra (www.3HO.org), and is related to communication and develops the ability to carry both projection and penetration of the power of words through the throat chakra. This meditation, while releasing fear, allows for trust and commitment. I am very sincerely blessed. Thank you.