Three inspiring words

Through many conversations with patients lately, I have found three words that have the ability to continue us on our path with purpose and peace no matter what drama surrounds us.
The premise of these words is that we chose or were assigned to the planetary adventure this lifetime to learn and grow, and above all experience.
The three words/phrases for our life purpose:
1. seek joy
2. be curious
3. feel gratitude
Ok, easier said than done, of course, and I believe this may be due to fear and incorrect beliefs about our purpose here.
A very dear friend once told me, 'when you finally get it, that will be your last breath"....
so breathe deeply in through the nose, out through your nose and experience on.
Be Well.

Welcome to Heal Gracefully

Explore the many complementary modalities for healing your mind, body, and spirit

  • The human body is a conduit for the vast expression of your life with all your
    past and future lesson plans. This body is capable of communicating with you to
    enrich and assist in your ultimate goal of seeking and living in joy. When
    the body senses that you are moving away from that joy, it gives out warning
    notices. Usually starting out softly and quietly, it can become very loud,
    painful, and intolerable.
  • There are ways to re-connect with your body's communication methods,
    understand the issues, alleviate your body's distress and resume your personal path.
  • Please understand, healing does not always mean cure. Although some disease processes
    do resolve, many will remain in some form or another as reminders to stay
    present and on your own journey. Your gift to yourself is to learn and use all
    the tools available to you, to bring your mind, body, and spirit into harmony.
  • Kathleen firmly believes that in order to heal and remain well, you must have a
    variety of tools at your disposal. Her mission is to provide enough time and knowledge
    to help you access those tools.


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