April 2019: The Month to Celebrate Earth Day

In discussion about healing fully, there is a very well researched modality that is so basic that we not only take the concept for granted, we have through technology, inadvertently disconnected ourselves from one the most fundamental resources available to us for improved health and wellbeing.

Grounding or Earthing is based on scientific research that describes the ability for our bodies to rejuvenate by allowing the transfer of negative electrons from the earth / ground into our cells to heal. This is accomplished by exposure directly with the earth to utilize these electrons to neutralize free radicals that cause inflammation. These electrons are a source of the neutralizing power of antioxidants.

When our entire world is surrounded and protected from the earth through rubber of shoes, carpet, polished tile, paint, plastic, we now have a much better appreciation for our disconnected, scattered, anxiety ridden lifestyle. We have modernized so much that we no longer know that we have a simple way to heal.

How is this healing modality of the earth accessed? The most fundamental way is through the bare feet on the bare earth/ rocks/ grass/ sand. When was the last time you sat or stood outside with your shoes off for a little while? When was the last time you dug your hands into the dirt without gloves???

Numerous research projects have been working with applying a wire that connects the earth with the body. For more information and suggestions on cost effectively reconnecting to this healing modality and the research associated with this topic, see: https://www.earthinginstitute.net/research/

So on this month of the earth with Earth Day on April 22, 2019, please invest in your mind/ body/ spirit by sitting with nature with your shoes off and enjoy our precious planet while healing gracefully. Protect this earth for your own survival and health.

See you next month. Be well.

March, A Most Flower-filled 2019

March 2019 shows us as many showers of color as last month showed white everywhere. This month we see rebirth, regrowth in so much green, color, and freshness in our southwest.

This month I choose to discuss a block to healing: fear. As I was clearing out vast amounts of weeds in my yard, I fell. I fell hard, and have had time to pause and think about that. As I lay there, analyzing each body part for possible problems, bones, blood, consciousness, movement, I realized that I had nothing permanent, nothing broken, all systems go…. But slowly.

I had almost exclusively hit my face and head. I waited with gratitude that I was conscious, and then got up and started with ice packs. It took awhile for bleeding to stop, throbbing to back off, tightness to set in, and awareness of the whole thing to manifest.

My point is that I am fortunate to be very adept at self-analysis. What if I didn’t have years of ER and nursing experience? How much more frightening that experience might have been? What would I have done with this scenario with fear as my guide? Having knowledge has some advantages, but also lends to denial in some ways. I clearly suffered from a concussion although no loss of consciousness. Thick and slow thinking, I continued on.

So fear can be motivating, too much knowledge can be dangerous, and it takes a circle of trusted healers to make sense of it all. My circle of healers included those who could provide gentle manipulation of my head, neck, chest, back, face, and arms.. As well as confirm that my self-analysis was correct!

There is certainly a place for emergency rooms, medicines, lab work, surgeries, and radiology departments in order to find out more about our bodies in crisis. Perhaps though, those places are not as good at actually healing. Even so, they can lead to the beginning of healing by decreasing fear through analysis, fixing and repairing what they can. With fear at bay, we then can start the journey to truly healing.

What if we choose fear as the primary motivation to seek healing? I venture to say our healing process is slowed significantly. Our bodies are geared for assessment of fear and safety, it is our reptilian heritage and very valuable a times. However it can trap us in a circle of false trust for a modality of medicine that keeps us in that fear for many reasons. Not so healing there.

After the initial analysis, I recommend finding your team of healers, fearless and knowledgeable to help calm the nervous system, calm the fear and allow the body to heal. Acupuncture, manipulation, Reiki, cranio-sacral manipulation, homeopathy, massage, energy work. All ways to add to healing by letting fear go.

Please pause, take time to smell the fresh spring, and now that March has moved on, welcome to April.

February 2019 Snowy and Rushed

February 2019: the month that seemed to rush by way too fast… With all good intentions to continue to develop thoughts on healing, it seems I spent too much energy this month trying to push for a particular and detailed historic theme. And it just wasn’t working for me. I forgot the root of healing just as many healing modalities of the past forgot… So, I now surrender to reflection on the peace found in the weather and the wind.
The windmill in snow in the southwest. We sure did see such an amazing view of snow in very unusual places around Arizona, just for our contemplation and pleasure….. What a peaceful glimpse of nature beckoning for us to stop, wait, be present, and allow the feelings of nature with all its elements to envelope us.
What does this month’s picture represent? The earth supporting, the water seen by snow, the fire represented as metal, the air as the vanes, and the ether as the surrounding clouds. Those elements are called the five tattva’s. This is a visual expression of a healing art called Sat Nam Rasayan. A beautiful healing modality that I now incorporate into a blend of energy healing along with Reiki and visceral manipulation/listening to the body as it asks for help...
I hope you found peace and pause with the weather extremes here and found a way to have fun with the variety of visual experiences like snow and cactus, or the desert blanketed in cold, cloudy days. So this ends an unusual February indeed! Stay warm.

January 2019: A Creative Quest

Here we are in January of 2019, the year in numerological terms for enjoying friends and family, learning about new ideas without taking anything too seriously, and for lighting that creative torch without expecting anything to be permanent. Ready for paths and routes to change midway through a goal? Time to play with ideas but not accept all opportunities for now. Seems like that is how this January has gone so far for me…. And So, how is 2019 so far for you?

This year, I take a light look at healing. Alleviating suffering, as seen in a wide array of forms, has been a strong motivation of humanity since the beginning of time. With technology, we find lots of valuable information, but what is the root of healing?

In graves unearthed from prehistoric times and through observation of the aborigines’ tribes, there is evidence of healing and caregiving through involvement of spirits, environmental observations, plants, earth/clay, and magic.

The demons were often to blame and much of healing included curing the victim by removing those demons. This was done by perhaps adding charms, herbs, plants, clay from the earth, and occasionally drilling a hole in the skull to alleviate pressure of all sorts. That was called trepanning.

One human, named ICEMAN was said to have lived 5300 years ago and was found with a pouch containing birch fungus, known to be medicinally healing for parasites, that he was noted to have.

So for January, be curious about how you feel carrying around a special healing jewelry, or a sense of comfort with the aroma of oils/ food. Our ancestors may be calling to us to heal.

I will be sending out a separate email for a meditation workshop beginning IN February for six Monday evenings…. Stay tuned and have a great rest of this month of January 2019.

December: Miraculous conclusion of 2018

This December of 2018 is a month for pausing and observing our year, deciding what we have grown from over these months. It is also a time for us to observe our thoughts about what we have yet to understand as we move forward into a different energy for 2019.

Lets look at the number 12. In numerology, it breaks down to a three (as described in March). In this case it will also be a number for the anticipation of 2019 (12/3). That means this month is a sneak-peak for 2019 as a time for community, friends, having some fun, being creative/ artistic, keeping a positive outlook, AND staying clear of burnout, feeling overwhelmed, or depression.

The 10 bodies don’t apply here but in some texts about the chakras, the 12th is described as the universal multi faceted, multi colored chakra. Tapping into this chakra above the head offers the opportunity to connect with the universal consciousness of all. It is the place of observation of thought and what Cindi Dale calls Enlightenment (“Advanced Chakra Wisdom”).

The number 12 is EVERYWHERE! There are 12 months, 12 apostles, 12 days of Christmas, the 12 sons of Jacob (12 tribes of Israel), the 12 Olympians, 12 year cycle in the zodiac with Pisces being the 12th sign, chinese astrology depicts 12 animals, the 12th card in tarot represents meditation, 12 is a number of perfection in ancient history, 12 jurors, and 12 people have walked the moon.

And so we conclude this year of miracles in 2018! Did you know that some miracles don’t look like them because we think they should all be wonderful, yet these events end up on THE bigger plan of miraculous opportunities for gratitude and change. December is the icing on that miraculous cake of a year, as we consider our thoughts and ideas in preparation for the new year of 2019.

Next year (2019), I plan on writing differently. I plan to develop a narrative journey of healing by describing how healers of the past healed, and also what I have learned about healing over time. I plan to apply these integrative ideas from different modalities to offer an opportunity to heal-gracefully.

I will also restart offering an eclectic form of energy healing that YOUR body is requesting. I will be adding appointments at my home using a unique blend of Reiki, Sat Nam Rasayan, breathing techniques, Visceral and Neural Manipulation, ‘Listening” to the body, and intuitive insights all provided by listening to you. Stay tuned for more details.

Have a blessed and peaceful holiday this December, 2018.

November 2018 and the Amazing Number 11.

Here we are in November 2018, and in some areas the weather is gearing up for winter while the southwest takes a big sigh and is bathed by cool air and warm sun at the same time. The colors have come and gone to most of the high country, and yet the roses, bougainvillea, lantana, sage, desert marigold, crepe myrtle, Pistache tree leaves and berries, and cape honeysuckle are all beckoning monarch butterflies and hummingbirds everywhere to enjoy color.
So begins the discussion about the 11th month in the 11th year of miracles, 2018. We begin with the 11th month from a numbers perspective. The number itself describes grand partnership on all levels. A wonderful time to meet up with friends, heal wounds, perhaps one at a time. Be outside quietly with nature and the universal power and strength that grounds us. The number 11 denotes spirituality and communion with higher self and the higher self of others.
This month in numerology, actually translates as a time to set the thoughts and ideas of past months into potential plans geared for 2019. This month is an energetic month, guided by the highest good of you and of others, based on your communication with heart and higher power/ spirit.
The extension of chakra discussion describes the 11th chakra as found outside of the body and accessed through the hands and feet. This chakra is valuable for focusing on the mind and the power of thought. What we think and say is our reality and we are able to change our perception of reality through our hands, feet, and mind.
My friend, Ellen and I have had recent discussions on this topic of thought as the meaning of life. Our thoughts and what we choose to think about is how our world is created every moment. The thoughts we give energy to, ruminate about, transform with, be uplifted by (or not), all first come from our own mind as related to that still small voice within and made aware by our own consciousness.
Yogi Bhajan spoke about the mind and thought stating that we each have over a1000 thoughts per second and it is up to us to pick and choose our thoughts. He spoke of not being fearful/blocking of our thoughts but instead looking at our thoughts through the lens of protection, then projection and then through neutrality for manifestation.
Discussing the previous 10 bodies in Kundalini, the 11th body is the accumulation of all the 10 bodies in divine vision, and seeing God in all, including in ourselves.
Angel workers all love 11, as in 11:11 on your phone or clock for instance. It is a message to pay attention to thoughts, it is a representation of divinity, higher awareness, conscious living, and a reminder to use intuition to guide more often.
In the bible, 11 depicts change or rebellion. Tarot shows the 11 card as denoting balance and justice. WWI ended at the 11th hour of November 11. Apollo 11 was the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon.
This Veteran’s day is 11/11. It is interesting that the power of this 11 number and the responsibility of our thought to see the highest good reminds us to use our thoughts to imagine, visualize, pray, meditate on the peace that is possible and the peacemakers/peacekeepers being our choice for military training and use. Perhaps we can be the light as we see such a thought on this 11th month of 2018.
Have a blessed day of Giving Thanks knowing we can choose our thoughts on this Thanksgiving holiday.

October 2018: A Month for Creative Empowerment

October 2018:
In this year of miracles, this month is important for making time to be creative within the focus of higher consciousness. This month is ripe for getting out for that hike you were waiting to do, especially with others who are also of higher thought patterns. Contribute to community that search for conscious living. Remove or drastically reduce exposure to behaviors that are unkind. Do not let those with behaviors that feel bad to you have any of your power. No more. Turn off the TV. Develop steady and grounded movement and thought, seeing beautiful fall colors along your path.

Lets look at more fun ideas related to the number 10. In numerology, this number is all about new beginnings, new energy, new ideas, and fresh starts.

Chakras: Not having been taught much about chakras beyond the first six, learning about more has been fun and also making some sense. The 10th chakra is described in some sources as being about 12 inches below the surface of the earth as related to our bodies. It is a tether of sorts that keeps us connected to the energy of the earth. It is related to a sense of well being when accessed and has a relationship to our connection to all things on earth.

In other texts, the 10th chakra is located above the 9th chakra discussed from last month. In this case, it is called the solar chakra with a masculine energy available to remove old blocks and provide the power necessary to live your dreams.

Related to Kundalini: The number ten is about the Radiant body. The radiant body offers a sense of royal courage, creativity, nobility, and radiance. This is a fearless number among the 10 bodies. If it is strong it’s very powerful. If it is weakened, it offers a sense of ineffectiveness, shyness, and fearfulness… Balance requires a strong level of consciousness, service, and connectedness to a higher power.

Angel’s communicate in numbers and the number 10 is about infinity, optimism, confidence, empowerment, and enterprising. When you see sequences of 10, imagine finding joyful expression of prosperity that the angels want you to know are available to you. The angels want you to be with those who make you feel joyful, happy and prosperous.

Pythagoreans believed the number 10 to be holy. They developed the TETRAKTYS which is a series of ten pebbles lined up, looking like today’s bowling pins ready to go…

Tarot card: Wheel of Fortune is 10, and represents new cycle. See the common threads here? Really fun!!!

So for the month of October, be creative, find ways to be grounded, avoid vexing folks, hang out with higher conscious communities, and steadily find some fun.
Until November, stay well and breathe,

September: Starting Fresh in the Miracle Year of 2018.

Here we are in the 9th month of 2018 and blessed to be able to begin feeling the potential for inspiration, finally. Most of 2018, although considered the year of miraculous opportunities, sometimes actually played out as cleaning out bits of the left over dirt from 2017.

Now, we are given a new and fresh chance to manifest those hopeful decisions planned for the next several years. This month, the 9 month in the miracle year of 2018, provides an opportunity to seek inner truth through meditation and prayer, access the akashic library of ourselves, and realize our higher thoughts through patience, presence, and imagining the perfect.

In Numerology the year 2018 added to 9 equals 11. Eleven then is a miraculous time in a miraculous year. This is when we consciously strengthen relationships with our higher selves, our friends, family, and even our polarity challenges seen as not friendly on the surface. “Seeing God in all, or not seeing God at all” applies here. All this with presence, grace, and gratitude as our future unfolds.

Learning about chakras and going beyond the primary 7, we find some really interesting interpretations of the 9th chakra. This chakra is considered the mouth of God, the Sacred knowledge, the place of the akashic readings. It is typically described as silver although that varies. It is located at the spine where the skull meets the spine, sometimes so specific as to sit at the sub occipital joint. But it is also depicted about 10 inches above the head, with some saying that this is where it moves for the sacred universal knowledge to be accessed. If anyone has ever tried cranio-sacral manipulation, such a feeling is the calming feeling that is also noted with access to this chakra.

From the perspective of the 10 bodies in Kundalini Yoga, this number 9 is called the Subtle Body. The description here is not very different from the previous writings:
“The subtle perceptual ability to sense the Infinite and universal reality within the material and physical; your connection to the Akashic records (the non-physical imprint of all experience)”
Qualities: Calmness, subtlety, mastery, intuitive, insightfulness. Through meditation we have the ability to develop great finesse and tranquility. To be able to see the unseen and know the unknown. To foresee the long term consequences of actions and events by way of the quiet mind.

Other fun bits about 9th month?
For the Hebrews nine is a symbol of truth.
In Catholicism a novena is the act of saying prayers for nine consecutive days. The prayers of novena are of urgency and for a special and specific cause and comes from the latin word: novenus meaning nine each.
The nine fruits of the Spirit in the bible, Galatians 5:22 are: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control.
When 9 is multiplied, it always reproduces itself.
In the Tarot, nine is the card of the Hermit, which symbolizes self examination and reflection.
There are lots of quotes about nine such as: "to go the whole nine yards" "A cat has nine lives" "to be on cloud nine" "A stitch in time saves nine" "found true 9 out of 10 times" "possession is nine tenths of the law"

Enjoy a great 9th month, focus on what you do want for the highest good and be ready as it comes toward you while you meditate.

Come join our meditation series starting Monday the 10th of September, 2018. See brochures already sent out: call 480-285-2180
Have a blessed and prosperous September!!!!

August 2018: The Month of Connection and Action

Bring on this Grand eighth month of 2018-August, with all kinds of interesting gifts and challenges. This is the highest travel month world wide and most valuable from a tourist perspective.
The month of August was originally named Sextillis with March being the first month of the year. Lots of politics occurred, but eventually what we know of as the Gregorian calendar was developed with 12 months. The honor of the 8th month was named after Augustus Caesar.
So what is with the number 8? First, I had always learned there were 7 chakras but I find out there are many cultures that see 12 chakras. So lets explore the 8th chakra.
The eighth chakra is seen as a link to the infinity and is located about an inch above the head. This is an energetic link, through meditation and prayer that allows us to dwell in the collective universal energy for insight. Interestingly, turn the 8 on its side and you have the symbol for infinity.
In yoga the number 8 has a similar representation. The 8th body of 10 bodies in Kundalini yoga is called Pranic body. It is the life energy connection to infinity.
Prana is carried on the breath, so learning powerful pranayama or breath is very important. It is associated with self-initiation, balancing the polarities of life through fearless forgiveness, and unshakable achievement.
Looking at this 8th month of the year of new beginnings through a numerology lens, we see an opportunity to take the energy provided now to shake off the old and reboot.
Now is the time to plan for new ventures, new adventures, and new goals for the rest of this year and into next year. This August offers an action-oriented energy to help motivate us to prepare our plans with our new ideas.
Take time for yourself this month, time to be still and listen to that inner voice. And I recommend you write to yourself every evening before going to bed a statement of intention beginning with I AM… And commune with the infinity to inspire.

July, the 7th month of 2018 and a highly symbolic number

Welcome to July, 2018 and an amazing number seven.

Numerologically, this is the month to stay grounded and observant. This month is a reflective month, mastering your higher self. Avoid contributing to the negativity around you. This is not a month to act on any wish to dump ideas, but instead, a time to consider all options, preparing in your mind, a declaration of independence from that which you do not want to carry, mirror, nor manifest.

The chohan or lord of the 7th ray is Saint Germain. This saint is known for the seventh age and seventh ray called the violet flame, providing a path for freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy, a new life way, a new civilization, and a new energy known as the Aquarian times.

The Seventh Generation is a concept known in many native tribes around the world. The "seventh generation" living and thinking is to make decisions based on the risks and benefits of any decisions on the future generations, specifically the seventh generation after us.

Mahatma Gandhi listed seven weakness of humans that cause violence. They are: wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, religion without sacrifice, and politics without principle.

The seventh Chakra is called Sahasrara and serves as a way of connecting to divine energy and our highest self. It is also called the Crown Chakra, and is associated with the pineal gland. This chakra helps us function in a more peaceful and enlightened way, finding connection with all, and cultivating self mastery.

The seventh body of our 10 bodies is the Auric body. The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. It is vital to the life force itself and extends up to nine feet around the physical body. This body is often sensed when someone is too close, for example. And this body is accessed and healed during Reiki. When strong, it acts like a divine shield, when weak it allows in negativity and illness.

There are seven colors in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.
There are seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.

This is the month of celebrating Independence. July 4th is an important day to remember that it is possible to unwaveringly declare an ideal for good to begin its trajectory forward. Thirteen colonies declared independence from British rule.

In current times, we may do well to stand up for peace, love, community and declare independence from emotional vampires in our lives. We can then declare our own personal growth in independence while healing the planet. Enjoy your month of July, keep the healing going forward as a clear vision for the highest good.

Sunny June, the 6th month of 2018

Here we are in June, 2018, set for warm weather and hopefully some heart felt connections. The 5 Tattvas and associated elements that were explored in the last months, are now put aside as we enter the 6th month.

For the sake of continuing the theme of each month associated with a number, this month we explore the link to the number six in the year of new beginnings 2018.

Six is a number that represents heart, home, compassion and mother earth (Gaia).

In numerology, six is an expression of sacred space. This is a good time to honor our sacred physical selves as well as our sacred home that extends from the roof over your head to all of mother earth.

The 6th chakra is called AJNA or the “third eye” and is the center for intuition and awareness. AJNA is accessed through meditation. Ever hear of using your sixth sense? That “knowing” about something when there are no tangible ways for you to have known? That is your 6th chakra at work.

When considering the ten bodies: the sixth body is called the arcline. It is energy extending from ear to ear like a halo. It is associated with the pituitary gland, glandular balance, and the nervous system. It is our protection and our balance between heaven and earth. This body is associated our ability to focus, and access intuition. When out of balance, we feel a lack of focus and swings of mood.

There are six different sensations of taste in a form of medicine called Ayurveda. And they represent sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. These preferences of taste are used to heal the body. The summer time has its own energy or dosha. This energy for summer is seen as fire/water. Recommended foods at this time are cooling foods: fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables such as berries, cucumber, watermelon, leafy greens as well as many oils like ghee, coconut, olive, avocado…

Did you know, a bee hive has six sided hexagon shaped cells for the collection of honey.

In this, the 6th month, I entered the 6th decade of my life. My reaction took me by surprise, and I have taken some time to regain momentum. After reflection, it occurs to me that this is the time to turn to service and teaching, to giving back, and to finding deep roots in daily gratitude.

June is a good time to get out, be active for the sake of the physical body, emotional health and for service to others with compassion. Have a wonderful sixth month of 2018.

Important Upcoming Workshop on Hope and Healing

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May 2018, the month for a RE-TREAT

May 2018 has arrived in our year of new beginnings with a strong urge to just STOP. The number five here may represent flexibility, balance, and endurance. With so much going on prior to May this year, it might be time to slow down and regroup. So this is the month to pause and perhaps take or plan a break.

This is the perfect month to decide on summer activities and definitely start before this month is over. Consider a plan now for getting the body moving this month to build momentum for over the hot summer. Swimming comes to mind, or hikes in the high country, or travel, maybe an ocean experiences??? I smell the pines after a fresh rain as I think of this, or maybe the crash of the waves as the sun sets on the pacific.

This 5th month is our chance to discuss the fifth and final tattva called ether. Ether is subtle, and a gateway to spirituality. It is considered to be a place of silence called shuniya, a still point of being, and a sense of awareness in between the thoughts. During this month of a potential retreat, consider a slow diaphragmatic breathing meditation to find that quiet place in your mind to reset.

The fifth chakra for the month of May is located around the throat area and is called Vishuddha.
It is related to the teacher, planting seeds of knowledge, speaking the truth in communication, and projection of the word or thought. During this month, consider how to re-set, re-phrase, re-member, re-mind, re-present our truth for the highest good.

Shadow side of the 5th chakra? This can be seen as: lethargy, weakness, shy, voice problems, insecurity, fear of opinions. Instead, look at this month with gratitude and grace. And find peace in stillness this month. It will certainly serve you well…

And for everyone who nurtures other beings whether family, friends, children, pets, animals, trees…… HAPPY AND BLESSED MOTHER’S DAY MONTH!!!


April 2018: Heartfelt Plans

Hmm, April is half over and we made it through a holiday, a full moon, some glitches with sun spots and the retrograde. So now we look at the number 4 (as in the fourth month) in this year of miracles and new beginnings in 2018.
Tattvas is a Sanskrit term meaning aspects or elements of reality. This month we explore the 4th tattva, which is air. Air, and the breath needed to get air, provide more benefits than just the obvious survival. I remember being taught that breathing was an automatic function of being human and just occurred, not needing thought or any participation in the deal, much as the beating of the heart. That turns out to be only partially true. The mechanism of breathing is so much more as it affects the autonomic nervous system. By changing our breath and breathing patterns consciously and with purpose, our entire bodies and minds change.

Yoga teaches this concept which was a reason for me to study this topic for my doctorate. The outcome of my research showed that the ability to choose HOW we breathe affects blood pressure, immune system, lipids, and many more functions. For more information on my research, see my published paper at: http://hdl.handle.net/10755/558648 and titled: Breathing Techniques Associated with Improved Health Outcomes.

The number 4 in the world of the swirling energy of chakras is the heart or ANAHATA. This is a place of building sacred space, of using our heart felt intuition, or as I have often been told, “get out of your head and let your heart guide”. When the heart chakra isn’t in balance, we seem more prone to heart ailments, cardiac dis-ease, or lung issues like cough or pneumonia type symptoms. This chakra is the color green and represents joy, compassion, love, peace. The challenge can be sadness, grief, or loss. Following the heart is the bridge to peace.
In the world of numbers, the four represents planting seeds in the garden of life, developing plans, developing sacred space but not necessarily executing a final plan yet.

Combining the different representations of this 4th month, this is a special time for learning new and empowering breathing techniques, and to begin our plan for a more peaceful existence. This is a great opportunity to practice taking time to breathe, meditate, plan, imagine, and begin to trust intuition more and more.

Simply take time to be still, and listen to the soft voice from your heart.
Have a great rest of your month of April, 2018.

March: The Third Month of Miraculous New Beginnings in 2018

Spring represents all things fresh bright and colorful. Flowers bloom (if it isn’t still snowing), hope of new birth, fresh ideas, and creative endeavors are given birth this month.

In the world of numbers: the number 3 is often thought of as creative, bright, team playing, expressive, artistic. It sometimes could leave us scattered, incomplete, ungrounded, and sad too.

The third chakra is located at and around the solar plexus and is related to the will, personal power, self-esteem, commitments, and identity. It is represented by the color yellow and is called Manipura. Physically this area is related to the adrenals, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, stomach.

Regarding the third Tattva: It is represented by the fire element, will, self-esteem, and self confidence. It is associated with the color yellow, and is related to vision.

So what would nourish and encourage the best for this 3rd month of 2018?

First: GET OUTSIDE every day and see the brightness as much as you can! The sun is so healing, it is the essential fire part of our lives. There is so much research on the emotional and physical health benefits of vitamin D from the sun.

Second: Breathe from the belly and imagine speaking to others from this area for a more empowered voice for what you do want.

Third: Learn about breath of fire. It is a rapid breath through the nose, sort of like sniffing except done by contracting the stomach muscles to exhale through the nose. The exhale through the nose is audible, and then the inhale through the nose is passive. Takes a little practice but is very powerful and empowering for this month.

Have a great hike outside and a wonderful Easter!


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