June 2020: The Month of New

Have you ever felt sometimes that life is moving too fast while in slow motion? That has somehow been my experience this month. I am late to post this blog because it has seemed to be extraordinarily challenging to stay grounded. This is/ was a month for the reset: do we go, do we stay, which direction? As Sangeet would say, this has been a month for courage. And the way through this month has been service.
Service to self is paramount, and I am the first to admit that I forget that little tidbit.
So, what is needed is presented, whether I am ready or not.
In my case, my dog decided to attach her “dog sister”, why? I learned during a recent meditation that perhaps I refused to slow down enough so I was faced with something that would be certainly gaining my attention. I get it.
And I also had an opportunity to learn about ayurvedic concepts of sleep by the earth’s clock. Our cells are already tuned up for waking doing things by the sun. The moon, the stars, the seasons, the tides, and many other rhythms of the earth are also in play but the circadian clock of the sun is a guide to optimum health.
So, I am trying a couple things based on Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, director of Ayurvedic Healing
Wake up without alarm and with the sun.
Exercise briskly, even if short burst, before food and after a big glass of water.
Don’t be in a rush for food in the morning (intermittent fasting).
Last intake of any food is 7pm.
Melatonin starts kicking in about 9pm so limit any electronics: remove blue light for sure.
Bed by 11pm in very dark and cool (cave) room.
We live crazy busy lives for the accolades given in our society for being BUSY. Hard to grow in self develop while we spend our lives pleasing the outside world so much and proving to everyone how valuable we are.
On June 30th, I will have completed the 5th daily meditation lasting 1000 (thousand) days consecutively. That is for me, I am grateful that helps me.
Blessings to all on your journey: take time to slow, breathe, imagine what you do want with joy and gratitude.
PS: Beginning in July: I will provide energy healing as a one hour appointment at my workplace using insurance. This work incorporates Reiki, hands on healing, reconnective healing, satnam rasayan, visceral manipulation, neuro-manipultion and begins with listening to the body for cue to what it wants…. This process is very calming, and peaceful.
We will be bill your medical insurance as a prolonged visit based on time: If you are not an established patient at Essential Family Health and Wellness, I will be working after hours, without insurance, as well by appointment for a fee of $150.00. That is about what most insurances pay for this hour-long prolonged visit appointment.
See the address at my website: www.healgracefully.com

May 2020: The Month for Mother's Love and Patience

This month may be most frustrating as we begin to move into action only to be stalled and put on pause. If seen from an energetic perspective, we are given bonus moments to be still, breathe slowly through the nose, expand the diaphragm and search within for the sparks of light, those moments of gratitude. Not such an easy task as we are all struggling with so much change, grief, and burden during this global shift in awareness.

What have you been gifted with that would not be possible normally? More quality time with kids, parents, or neighbors? More peaceful time at home? Clean a closet? Express an artistic talent? Garden? Contemplate what the next decade of life will look like?

What do you really want? Do you want to go back to that workplace that was not meeting your needs? Do you really want to ignore the planet and the abuse upon it? Do you really need to eat food with ingredients on the labels that you cannot understand? Are you ready yet to learn more about or move on from a relationship that is not in your highest good?

Consider avoiding the feelings and the behaviors that divide, and remember a most important thought: That which you put your attention to: GROWS. And here is our chance to plant the seeds that we want moving forward.

So here we are at Mother’s day. A day of acknowledgment for all nurturers whether we birth children, and/or aide in the healing of others and of the planet by teaching, being, loving, giving, receiving. Whether our children or our charges are nearby, or passed on to the other side, the love of a Mother never ends. Blessings to all who nurture.

And of course, it is important to include our planet in this discussion. I have a friend named Tera who has a clear and consistent connection with angels and energy (elevatedenergies.biz). She recently taught me a very important concept. What we think of as mother earth is an outdated and exhausting term.

We are adults now in our understanding of the care and nurturing needed for our planet, so we don’t need to wait for the planet (as the mother), to step in and fix things for us. Instead, we are able to act as adults in this context, and have an equal responsibility with the earth, therefore connect as a partner now. And as a partner, we can now feel better guided to own our power to protect our relationship with our friend the earth. Now we can nurture each other, what an amazing opportunity.

So, pick a piece of nurturing with our partner earth. Clean water? Clean food? Clean Air? How about a commitment to keep your bodies as healthy and inflammation free as possible through clean and definable nutrients from the earth? Good sleep? Vitamin D from the sun? Supplements that enhance our cellular strength under severe stress right now? And did I say breathe?

Welcome to our new and enhanced opportunity for partnership with ourselves, each other and with earth. Our greatest hope is with this collaboration. See the spark of light in everything and everyone around you, even if for just a moment, or during your meditation. Then watch that feeling grow. It is our highest and healing Mother-Love way!
Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day to all!

April 2020: Our Precious Earth

As we are all affected by the abrupt changes in our lives right now, what better time could there be to pause each day and assess our lives to this point while considering what it takes to reset our priorities.
When the simple process of going to the grocery store, or going to work, if there is a work to go to, is somehow more than just challenging, it is surely an opportunity to re-evaluate that which WILL bring us inner calm and peace. And with gratitude and curiosity, we can develop new patterns for our future right now. New aisles at the store to explore? New ways to develop prosperity? Important information about the health of the earth that speak out about?

Have you noticed how clear the sky is? What more can be gained from hiking in nature than could ever be accomplished at a gym? What if this universal shake down is necessary in the long run for us to stop what we think we need to do every day, and look again at what is important to ourselves, our families, our health, our world.

We are coming up to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day/Week. What will we do without clean air, water, soil, foods? Yes, this is a time for humans to reset, but can we really afford to neglect the very items on the earth that restore us?

Does the topic of electro-magnetic field make us nervous? Progress is important for humans, but to what price? I recommend reading about EARTHING, well-studied research about balancing our energetic bodies with the electrical system of the earth. See: https://earthinginstitute.net/?s=earthing Yes, EEGs, EKGs are examples of how electric our bodies are and balancing with bare feet on the grass, ground, even cement offers an enormous advantage to healing our bodies. Maybe consider turning off your wifi at night, to allow the body rhythm to get back into synch while you sleep.

During this time, choosing to read and listen to mindful programs helps us get and stay on track. One of my favorite authors is Louise Hay. Right now, you can sign up for a free summit with many healers speaking on various topics related to finding your way through these challenging times. See www.youcanhealyourlifesummit.com

Happy Earth Day and enjoy being outside where everything is particularly fresh right now. ENJOY and evaluate with curiosity, your time of pause.

March 2020: The Month of Self Doubt and Accessing the Neutral Mind

I originally started this month’s blog with a warm wish for International Day of Women and then so much of the planetary fear has left me in confusion and worry, so I have been slow to write until I could become clearer. I have often given presentations on the mind, the facets and the negative/ positive/ neutral mind with tools on how to get there. Like everyone, all my thoughts start with the negative or discerning mind regarding safety and survival. All initial thoughts must start there and this month has been no exception for me. It has taken me awhile to see that part of my reality and look deeper for meaning.

The next phase of the mind is the positive mind which is neither good nor bad, just a coping skill. It belongs to the thoughts of denial, charge on, what action can be taken, is there a silver lining, perhaps what comfort is there in cleaning the house or taking a hike??? It provides us a sense of security and has lots to do with coping skills of our youth and of our ancestry.
Finally, with practice comes the neutral mind of “IT IS WHAT IT IS”. This area of the brain is non-reactive, flexible, adaptive and accesses the universal intelligence and higher self. It is here that we heal on all levels. And the most assessable route to get there is well researched through meditation with slowed breath in and out through the nose, holding breath with the shoulders down, calming the nervous body with purpose, focusing on the flow of the breath. This is a shift that happens through a part of the brain called the cingulate gyrus that is the gateway to the prefrontal cortex. AHHHH.
All of this calms the autonomic nervous system allowing food to be digested, rest to occur, rejuvenation, better and higher-level thinking (less need for toilet paper). So, meditate for access to deeper knowing and for gratitude, it really does work. This does not change the circumstance surrounding us, but helps the body’s immune system be in a better state to combat any physical or emotional threat.
Consider this practice two times per day instead of the constant hypnosis of the television. Go for walks, as this can be very meditative. Access your higher consciousness if even for a moment at a time, with access to your own internal message that is just for you, and do this often during the day and before sleep so the replay in your brain can have a different spin.

Ask your higher-self, God, Universe/ Intelligence/ … what is the message for today, what does it take to heal this planet right now, what steps does it take? What could be cleaned up right now, how can I serve? What can I see, hear, feel that offers a sense of gratitude for today?
Many Blessings in Light!
PS: Below is my presentation on immunity for those interested in some other tips to stay in prevention mode and proactive in health right now.

Virus and Ways to Stay Healthy
Kathleen B. Rickard, DNP-C, FNP-C
What is a virus? A microscopic parasite that requires a host cell to survive. Very tiny and different from bacteria, these microorganisms that carry either DNA OR RNA and a protein coating, can only replicate (copy itself) within a host cell. They can not reproduce outside the host because they lack the complexity of the cell itself. Once in the cell, the host allows the virus to produce RNA from that cell’s DNA. Then this parasite builds proteins based on the new RNA message. Meanwhile the virus with the now available RNA information develops a protective layer within the cell that the cell itself cannot destroy. Sometimes a second protective layer is produced called an envelope. The role of the virus is to deliver its DNA or RNA into the host cell so that its genetic information can be spread by the host cell.

The virus must first gain access into the body that has host cells. This is done through the respiratory, gut, or broken skin sites. Sometimes insects provide the break in the skin barrier. Some virus can replicate in both insect and host cells such as in the case of yellow fever, and dengue fever.

The Virus then attaches itself to the host cell surface. It then moves along the outer membrane of the cell. Some virus fuse with the membrane and push through using an envelope (HIV). Others are engulfed by the cell (influenza). Yet others burrow through the membrane (polio).
Once in the cell, the virus releases its genes, and disrupts or hijacks part of the cell energy. The virus directs the host cell to produce viral proteins, then creating conditions that allow the virus to spread, by way of mucous membranes, GI tract, respiratory system.

The Body’s Internal Defense
Physical barrier such as fatty acids, enzymes, mucus secretion, acidity of stomach lining and a healthy microbiome in the gut all keep these parasitic virus’ contained.

Innate immunity is a second barrier of the immune system cells such as NK cells, cytokines, macrophages. White blood cells consist of Macrophages, B – lymphocytes, and T lymphocytes.
Macrophages clean up invaders and the cells they destroyed. They leave behind bits of the invader in the form of antigens so the body can recognize the culprit in the future.

B –lymphocytes are white cells that produce antibodies to attack any invader antigens found.
T-lymphocytes attack the cells of the body that have already been infected. These cells are called the memory cells that serve as reminders if the invader returns.

Vaccines are forms of antigens, that when injected, sounds the alert to produce antibodies and long-term memory T-lymphocytes so that the disease itself will be rapidly recognized and extinguished before it takes over. The ever-changing virus makes vaccines challenging.

Problems with Internal Defense
Nutrient depletion leaves the cells less robust and allows the virus to more readily enter the cell.
The Gut inflammation from the standard American diet decreases the healthy microbiome and does not allow the gut to absorb enough powerful minerals and nutrients. This overwhelms the immune system as a baseline, likely delaying the internal defense.

Vitamin deficiencies, smoking, Tylenol use, ibuprofen use, genes such as MTHFR and COMT, fatigue, stress, sympathetic overdrive are major deterrents for the body’s innate ability to build and maintain its own healing mechanisms.

Defense against Virus
Passive immunity from mom until 6-12 months and is enhanced with breast feeding and skin to skin contact.
No exposure to tobacco gives the best chance for the mucous lining of lungs to provide a vital layer of protection.
Avoid all inflaming foods: soda, diet soda, sugar, refined carbs, “junk” foods that distract the body from seeing the parasitic virus before it has had a chance to overwhelm the cells causing a reaction.

Know MTHFR and COMT status: this digestion pathway dysfunction affects the detoxification process. More of the methylation is needed in this case:

Methyl folate, methyl b 12, and glutathione in the form of NAC are very important for the strength of the healthy cell.
Lots of dark green veggies, smoothies, green food pouches for kids.
Beneficial fats such as omega 3 fatty acids, fatty vegetables such as coconut and avocado, flax, sesame, olive oils keep the integrity of the cell wall healthy and strong.

Increase your minerals and electrolytes to support the cells - Minerals without sweeteners in water and broths are enormously beneficial. I recommend Phytomulti by Metagenics or multiple minerals in glass blue bottle from sprouts. Glass bottle and called Multiple Minerals…..

Vitamin A supports immune system at the nasopharyngeal and gut mucous lining.
Vitamin A drops (animal based): 200,000 IU single bolus or 10,000 IU daily for 20 days done twice a year decreases the effect of viral exposure. And continue vitamin A for weeks post infection at lower doses.

Vitamin C as ascorbic acid and best if liposomal ascorbic acid (you can make yourself if you are chemistry inclined) and doses up to 1-2 grams daily in split doses throughout the day. Vitamin C is proven to disrupt the viral replication process, decreases duration and severity of viral illness. Enhanced scavenging effect of white cell count is significant with vitamin C. Vitamin C also recycles Glutathione in the cells, further strengthening the cells’ defense against the parasite.

Zinc if taken within 24 hours of onset of symptoms may shorten the duration of the illness. Its role appears to be in the ability to improve mucous membrane integrity and offer a direct anti-viral effect on rhinovirus replication. (children 10 mg daily). Zinc also improves the cellular integrity to not allow viral replication.

Vitamin D: protection overall and accelerates white blood cell maturity. Short term high dose (140,000 IU) significantly increased frequency of the T cell replication and activity. Vitamin D showed improvement in autoimmune diseases. Taken in winter months: significantly reduced risk of upper respiratory illnesses. Vitamin D and Influenza-studies showing seasonal drop of Vitamin D can contribute to increase viral illnesses, most ‘at risk’ populations for influenza have lowest levels of Vit D (Nursing home residents).

Magnesium and Epsom salts prevent one of the toxins from pertussis, and possibly from other viral parasites, as well as calms the nervous system which allows the body to build its own defenses. Magnesium and Vitamin C together have been shown to limit the side effects of viral illness especially with the MTHFR pathway dysfunction. Methyl B vitamins help the pathway to allow better defense.

NAC and Vitamin C recycles glutathione. N-Acetyl Cysteine or NAC inhibits viral replication & expression and acts as a mucolytic. At dose of 600mg 2x/day can help prevent viral illness and safe to take year around. To fight the flu or cold can go up to 2-3,000mg/day for several days. Very important for COPD patients. Increased levels of Glutathione in body are protective.

Acetaminophen depletes glutathione.
Ibuprofen decrease gut microbiome and decreases a major body defense.

Post infection A, D, C intake are important for a few weeks post infection to continue cell strength and integrity.

February 2020: Home and Heart Through the Lens of the Neutral Mind.

As I sped through January with lightning speed, I seemed to barely get a chance to imagine the potential opportunities awaiting me for this new year. I don’t think I even got a chance to develop a plan for this year yet. But then maybe that is the plan: float, be flexible, and develop a strategy for rebuilding relationships and our world, one step at a time.

Last week, I had the opportunity to experience a wonderful, yet intense, day of meditation and yoga called White Tantric. This is a sacred healing event of concentrated meditations and chanting, where a huge room of folks sit in specific lines, keeping a specific sitting position, and chanting together for either 31 or 62 minutes at a time with short breaks in between. Of importance to me is that three different meditations had the same chant which was I- WE- Wahe Guru. Translation? Wahe Guru means essentially yay God, or Hallelujah. “I – We - Yay God”. Perfect for the month of the neutral mind and heart in the year of new beginnings. It reminds me that this month and year are about inclusiveness, healing on a higher level, and all this instead of a “mine vs. yours” kind of fragmentation.

And then this week provided us with an unusually bright and shiny full moon called the Snow moon. It is/ was closer to the earth than most full moons, therefore called a supermoon. The moon affects so much of our lives including water. And since the human body is composed of a bit more than 50% water, why could we even question the effects the moon might have on our lives. This full moon time and throughout February is a perfect time to slow down, breathe, and be present to our neutral self.

So, this is the Month of family, heart, and home where we are asked to take the higher ground in healing these relationships, re-establishing what home means to us, developing and enhancing a sacred area for practicing silence, peace, the breath. In this way we can practice being neutral toward the chaos that seems to keep us distracted. Breathe in peace, breathe out calm. Enjoy the rest of the month. Happy Valentine's Day.
Check out both Friends of Agua Fria National Monument ( FAFNM), and www.Ericshouse.org Both places offer opportunities to serve in very different ways.

January 2020: New Beginnings with Eyes Wide Open!

Here we are: A decade that has been long awaited by many spiritual and healing circles. No matter where we look, this anticipated decade offers more hope and greater potential than any other. For many, this year offers at least a breath of fresh air after such an enormous roller coaster polarity seen in the year of 2019.

That is not to say this year will be free of challenges, of course growth always comes with challenges, it cannot be any other way. Sometimes the body demands a retreat to better give pause, so I recommend listening to your body early and often to quickly realign. Get enough rest, breathe, and find resources to help define and support what is needed for healing from your concerns and challenges. Look straight at the challenges, see through them to a best, kind, and more resilient way of living.

This is the year of new beginnings, planting seeds, setting the stage for this decade. What have you dabbled with over the last few years, and did you like some of what you explored? And more importantly, did any of those projects and plans allow you to provide service to others as you prosper?

Search for those pearls that allow you and others to have an abundant life of giving and receiving while focusing on true peace and prosperity. Begin to focus on what you do want for the planet and everything / everyone on this precious earth. Anything less than that is wasting energy that is intended for our growth.
So plant your seeds of graceful gifts to the universe, take time to breathe through to the next step as you carry gratitude that you are being carried in your work for the highest good.

Please visit the fireside chat blog about 2020 as spoken by Sangeet at www.healingsource.com Look for her blog section and give yourself a 7 minute conversation of hope.
Welcome to your higher self and the ability to see and grow the spark in everything around you.

December 2019: Pause and Reflect

I had an unusual conversation with an unlikely yet amazingly wise woman at a workshop I went to this month. The workshop was brimming with beautiful souls seeking ways to help others. The way of such healing in this case is called The Reconnections and is taught by a chiropractor named Eric Pearl. For more information about this healing work see: (www.thereconnection.com)

Eric brought in a special guest, a woman who helped him understand his newly found gifts for healing. This elderly woman, named Cipora, was very nervous about speaking so she read a series of her own poems to the audience. One of the poems really touched me with lovely verse offering hope.

I approached this woman later in the evening and asked her what insight she might have for hope of this world, because I felt she might have understood my question based on the beautiful poem that she offered to us. She then spoke simple, truthful words that were so lovely and kind.

She said, “Remember that this world is and always will be a planet of both light and dark. It is also true that there is far, far, far more light than dark. Darkness cannot continue to be dark as long as a spark is introduced. Just like a match in a dark room will remove dark, seeing light in others dispels their dark. It is your job to seek out and see the spark in everyone. Be the Spark. See the spark, so it can dispel the darkness in even the most darkened corners. See the spark in everyone and that spark will grow.” She said that to me, pointing her finger toward my forehead while meeting my eyes in such a wonderful kindness.

So I end 2019, a most challenging year in so many ways, with hope and light. I am also fortunate to have had wonderful guidance from those who have studied under Yogi Bhajan because he said very similar things about the polarity of darkness and light and to serve by being the light. So I have heard these words before in slightly different ways.

I pause, breathe, and reflect as I brace myself with hope for the new beginnings of 2020 with lightening speed. Be the light that sees the many sparks of light as we understand and overcome darkness one spark at a time.

Many Blessings for your special holiday celebrations. See you in 2020.

November 2019: The Month for Retrograde and Flexibility

Reading about mercury retrograde is always a curious thing for me. Even though I am a little uncertain, I take heed enough to be still and contemplate my world during those times. We have entered one of those months now, and it could be a very emotional month indeed.
This has been a “3” year (2+0+1+9, then 1+2) involving numerous opportunities, not only for wonderful and creative endeavors, but also a chance for way too many moments of overload and burn out as we choose ALL kinds of things to add to our must do lists.
So this month of November is very important as we enter the time of Mercury Retrograde. It is inviting us to either emotionally and perhaps REGRETABLY express our anger, rage, and hostility, or choose to sit back and consider our year of too many projects, gracefully observing, letting things flow and roll off our backs. This is the time for waiting for the bite of this Retrograde to pass, some time at the end of November.
So what to do while surrendering to the outward appearance of chaos? A beneficial part of this November is to remind us, while we are waiting, to remain flexible and particularly conscious of our health both mentally and physically. Now is a great time for yoga to stretch, and breathing meditations to remain calm.
When was the last time you had a massage? Great chance now, especially a massage that directly affects the fascia, that sticky stuff between muscles that makes us physically inflexible from overuse and trauma. Attached is a great YouTube video, very much worth watching, to understand how important stretching is for your health: The Fuzz Speech by Gil Hedley ``Fascia and stretching`` https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TwAvT_ucjY&frags=pl%2Cwn
Here are more hints on stretching to check out. Veronika Campbell offers her videos for me to pass on from her YouTube series on stretches as long as you use good judgment and be kind to yourself: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaPezc02A_qgSa0MDwfNSQQ
So what else for physical flexibility? Ever try a foam roller? Here is a pretty good explanation from REI:
https://www.rei.com › Expert Advice › Fitness › Cross-Training
Breathing and meditation are of course the best for our emotional health, especially this month as crazy behaviors surround us; like seeing the headlights of the car behind you, SO EXTREMELY CLOSE for no logical reason??? I have lots of very calm yoga music playing in my car at all times these days.
Attached is one of many meditations that have been designed to help us during these current stressful times. Try this one, it is not like any other meditations you have attempted: https://www.3ho.org/3ho-lifestyle/health-and-healing/get-stable-anywhere
Here is another interesting meditation to check out: https://www.3ho.org/kundalini-yoga/mantra/naad-yoga-how-mantra-works/chi...
Or try any meditations found on www.3ho.org website under meditations and kriyas.
So enjoy family, friends, fun, and laughter, taking nothing seriously while planning Thanksgiving in a calm and collaborative sort of way this year. Stretch, breathe, move to music, listen to music, take your time, be conscious, and invest in your physical self and emotional self through movement and meditation.
Have a peaceful Thanksgiving and November Retrograde!

October 2019: Glimpse of the coming 2020

October 2019 is the month to step back, breathe, and imagine how all the events of 2019 will play out in 2020. As I reflect on this year, I am reminded about how busy 2019 has become. Is that busy life we live, that is so urgent feeling, actually more important than our investment in our own wellbeing? I keep telling myself that this class, that workshop, one more training event… are all wonderful opportunities to gather more and more information needed for the future. And I do believe that to be true, but I am hovering over burnout with the speed and intensity of everything. When is enough, enough? Or I should really say, when am I good enough? And so… I continue my meditative practice.
Last month, I wrote a sampling of some of the forms of healing of which I have been trained or are still training in and that could be brought together for a great healing opportunity. That is still true too, and I am receiving amazing responses from those who have had an opportunity to experience this culmination of work, in ways I simply did not expect. I remain insatiably curious about how to best serve, and to understanding the root of dis-ease.
This is a fortunate time for healing and learning too, as more and more healers are responding to the call of the openly solicited requests to be healed, as well as the availability for healing. More folks are awake to the understanding that healing is not only possible, but also found in a widely varied set of venues.
As this month of October comes to a close, stay in wonder and gratitude at the amazing humans who, when you may least expect it, simply cross your path with a beautiful opportunity to heal. This time to pause is made more necessary as we enter mercury retrograde at the end of the month. So contemplate and meditate on a possible path of healing for you. And reach out to those who heal. We are all at the gate of an amazing crystalline transformation and the profound betterment of our very human existence. It all begins with that still small voice of intuition found in silence, peace, and love.
Happy Halloween, be safe and I’ll be back next month.
PS: Don’t forget to look up Essential Family Health and Wellness for our evening line up of health related discussions. ALSO, please Join Ardas Kaur and myself for a four part series about Developing Your Own Meditative Style, each Monday evening beginning in November. Sign up soon!

Healing: Physics Perspective for September 2019

Many modalities of healing discuss similar root themes. Such true healing appears to require an understanding of statements such as “Be the Light”, “ Go to That Stillness” “Listen with Intuition”, “Develop Shuniya”, “Presence First”, “Get out of your Way”, “Be the Vessel”, “Healing is Found in the Silence” and many more.
I have been observing modalities of healing throughout my life, from purposefully being near a massive pine tree in my front yard that calmed me as a child, to discussions with patients who had died briefly in the hospital, but came back to talk about it with me because I asked. My life long quest has been to understand the root of health and wholeness.
In search of the root of healing over my lifetime, I had to develop a sense of gut knowing or faith in a technique from a workshop, path, or class that I attended and practiced. I had to learn to get out of my head, get out of my own way, to really affect change in the healing process of myself and others. NOT an easy task.
So, beyond my conventional training in Nursing, I took classes in Kundalini yoga Levels 1 and Level 2 ( https://kundaliniresearchinstitute.org ) Meditations from my yoga Sadhana, Reiki ( https://www.healingsource.com ), Sat Nam Rasayan, (https://www.3ho.org/subtle-healing-sat-nam-rasayan ) and also Visceral Manipulation/ Neuro Manipulation from the Barral Institute www.barralinstitute.com who not surprisingly incorporate a method of “Listening” to help assess the body’s need for adjustment, a communication to the healers hand about a distress that affects the whole system.
They all required a trust and a quiet of my mind, kind of tricky to say the least for me with this wicked busy brain. But I have persevered and I improve in my understanding of healing every day by taking time every day for meditation and pause as well as continued workshops with those who heal.
So what about physics? Here is the really cool part. I have now started studies from a chiropractor in California who was given a sudden and profound understanding about the healing properties of his hands. His name is Eric Pearl and his site is: https://www.thereconnection.com Through his attempts to understand the crazy healing he was accomplishing, he turned to science and research to help. So here goes the science:
We are made of sub-atomic Particles that communicate and vibrate in synchronicity called Quantum Entanglement. We are also made of Waves or frequencies, which have been described as Resonance and Coherence.
Amazingly, we have access to photons in our cells that emit light to communicate within our own bodies and with other bodies, (https://drjoedispenza.net/blog/health/biophotons-the-light-in-our-cells/ ) . We can access this form of light through our hands and our minds, infinitely expanding that light out to others, even long distances. This field of light in others is sometimes called the aura, the chakras, or in Kundalini, called the series of 10 bodies. This light energy is accessible and emitted through intention.
The rest of our bodies are mostly made of lots and lots of empty space that holds infinite amounts of energetic information that is assessable by, guess what? being still, emptying our minds, being curious, and living with awe. That is the root of real healing: Shuniya (https://www.3ho.org/community/your-stories/shuniya-point-stillness-lifes... ).
So to serve in the highest good: Be still, curious, and be the light that shines into all, without attachment to the outcome. Spreading that photonic light leaves no room anything else and it starts with accessing that light within. Use your intuitive skills in that quiet space between thoughts to feel changes in your own body’s vibration and frequency before and when in connection with others. Breathe from the diaphragm, slow and deep, and listen to that still, small voice of wholeness within to heal.
To see my solo paper on breathing techniques, copy and paste… https://sigma.nursingrepository.org/handle/10755/558648

August 2019: The Month for Inner Guidance

August has just flown by for me as I write my blog on the last day of the month, what???? I found it interesting that the confusing thoughts and contemplation required for getting through July, seeped into August as well.

The Month of August, in the year of creativity vs burnout, play vs overcommitting, offers the power needed for great miracles and manifestation to occur. This is a time of wonderful opportunities to manifest on a level that has not been available for eons.

Indeed, there are light-workers/ angel workers, huge prayer groups, enormous meditation groups worldwide and from all forms of healing faiths that have independently been voicing hope for the coming time of higher consciousness and healing in unprecedented ways.

Certainly this is very difficult to see if anyone is watching the day by day fear inducing talk, action, and treatment of our world and all living creatures on this planet. The word out there is that much of this is intended to distract from inner growth and higher resonance .

In physics, the discussion about coherence may apply to our changing world. I am learning that we are essentially vibratory waves and particles that come together in an organized fashion to dance.
The lack of rhythm is incoherence like a musical band suddenly out of synch, causing the dancers to be confused. Right now that confusion is strongly felt by those who are seeking a higher consciousness and self-awareness.

So the key to getting back into the rhythm of our future world is to pause daily, breathe, remember inner guidance and visualize peace. Surround yourselves in the company of those that can visualize the hope and grand beauty of what is coming. This awareness is available now, starting slowly in the August month of miracles.

I was given the meditation below called Gyan Mudra Kriya to try when I was feeling one of my many bouts of emotional conflict. Try this one for 11 minutes a day for 90 days, it is really lovely and so wonderful before sleep. Rest well!

July 2019: The Second Half of the Year of Service and Community

Check out this sideways rainbow taken from my back yard today. So unusual and typical of this year so far… I feel this year has been quite a roller coaster so far. Got an idea and it evaporates, think you are going in a certain direction and oops…. going a different way now. Seems the way it is going this year but now starting in July, the second half of the year, some of that will hopefully settle down a bit.

I recently listened to a podcast about burnout. Not surprising, I learned that humans do better overall with hope and peace. Otherwise we have despair and fear to guide our lives and we lose our sense of equilibrium and control. Being overwhelmed leaves us distracted from our life purpose or passion and this leads to exhaustion. Exhaustion is burnout and feels very much like depression. We attain harmony in our lives by following our joyful passion and the only way to stay tuned in to that is to take time to regroup on a regular basis.

Perhaps the best way to be of service and heal others while remaining free of burnout is take a small step back in stillness every day to take care of our selves. Take time this month for self-awareness, self-care, movement, meditation, massage, breathing, song, dance, community events, and/or perhaps learning something new with curiosity. Remember, healing others becomes distorted when we are distracted by a sense of being overwhelmed. So ask yourself, what really brings you joy?

Keep up with finding fun in serving yourself and others, being discerning with choices of service, continuing the development of new plans and ideas with a sense of curiosity, and all without attachment. Get through this Mercury retrograde by quiet self-awareness and get ready for the fall when some of your best plans and ideas can begin to take strong form.

June 2019: Welcome Summer

Here we are in June, official summer, offering a bit of a scattered feeling and perhaps more energized month to get out on an adventure. This is the month that celebrates the longest day of the year, solstice. It is also the month of Father’s day with the values we place on fatherhood. In Chinese medicine we are reminded of the masculine YANG, in yogic terms we discuss SHAKTI, described as energy and power in service, and in energy medicine we talk about the balance of the projection of masculine in the feminine.

In some ways men have a confusing role right now as the universe transitions into the feminine energy. The rough and tough, bully mentality feels more awkward and less expected of the bad boys out there… But then what?

This is a great month to encourage and honor the nurturing of fathers and the kindness that comes when they are in balance. We all can offer encouragement for hugs, wrestling, fixing things for others, being there for guys weekends, appreciating the beauty and preciousness in what the planet offers, encouraging service, and Shakti power to be mixed with stillness and peace.

This month is full of dedicated days that can provide an opportunity for those old, outdated, unnecessary modalities of fear and control to be turned to service. Some of the dedicated days for June are: United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, or World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

I am on the board of a wonderfully healing non-profit whose mission is to help the survivors of those who took their lives due to drugs, suicide, alcohol. Visit www.ericshouse.org for more information on donating or volunteering.

This Month has lots of dedicated days for lightness and peace as well. Some of these days in June are: Summer Solstice Celebrations (3HO.org), International Day of Yoga, World Sauntering Day, International Picnic Day, United Nations World Ocean Day, Log Cabin Day, or International Take Your Dog to Work Day.
For more information: http://mentalfloss.com/article/584240/june-offbeat-holidays

Have a great June, find a way to serve with energy and power while making sure you take time to slow down and “saunter” in a relaxing and rejuvenating way…

MAY 2019: oops.. YIN/YANG Definitions are flip-flopped; Thanks Krissi

Happy May and the Month of MOM

This month seems to be a good time to discuss energy balance of the masculine and feminine in all of us. We all have within our core spirit a blend of masculine and feminine energy. The ancient Chinese, as early as 700 bc understood this balance in presenting the concept of yin/yang in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Balance is essential for life. Having a very one-sided energy brings disharmony and dis-ease to the body. And it is impossible to have only one without the other. The balance of the energies is described as Qi (chi).

Some examples of Yin energy are: light, sun, fire, time, activity, round, left, back, male.
Some examples of Yang energy are: darkness, moon, water, space, rest, flat, right, front, female.

The celebration of Mother’s day was described as an honor of women as early as Greek times. It was originated as a protest to war in the United States and that matches well with the struggle of war and peace / yin and yang, in the ongoing struggles for balance of life.

So how to continue the healing theme this month? Women are often not celebrated enough for the ability to balance the yin/yang of life as they nurture, teach, speak, listen, touch, grow, and heal.

So this month give honor and a warm hug to those who birth ideas, plans, dreams, hopes, passions, as well as birthing the next generation to help heal our universe.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY: keeping a balance of softness and strength in mind.


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