December: Connection and Community 2017

December is a month that carries so much weight that I struggled with how to write about it. It is a month of celebration, family, friends, joy, stress, weather changes, people changes, food changes, food traditions, expectations, disappointments, fun, laughter, and much more all rolled into one small speck of time. And everyone has their own opinion about the correct way to celebrate this month.
I had an unusual opportunity to visit Manhattan for a few days last week to see the lights and festivities for the holidays.

November 2017: The month for imagination and gratitude

WoW! This month seems like it has taken off like a race horse. So far, this November has surely been a very active one.
This is the month of creativity or burn out in the year of new beginnings. As we get a glimpse of all our options and possibilities, this can also be a very tense and demanding month.

In the continued theme of new beginnings for 2017, the question still remains: What DO you want? What WILL make a difference? What WILL bring joy? What WILL nurture the soul?

October 2017: The month to re-member flow

So this is the miracle month of October in a year of so many new beginnings. The colors of fall become evident while the whispers of cool weather are still followed by heat and then cool again. My poor tortoise has shown signs of stress as she scrambles for shelter in preparation of the cool temperatures, only to pace around wondering why it is still warm.

September, 2017: Conscious Thought/ Conscious Breath

Welcome to September and conscious gratitude. Last month was truly a month for analyzing belief systems, thoughts, and the power of the word as it relates to self awareness. Hang on, here comes powerful September....

August 2017: Closing the gaps in the New Beginnings of 2017

And so here is August: After a strong month of July with great plans, maybe some strong words, important decisions, forward thinking ideas and action activities... we are now placed in a position of pause. This is the month to be reflective of all those grand ideas, perhaps confusing thoughts, or feeling a bit incomplete, and maybe a little too much complaining. As rapidly the switch turned on for July, this month I felt a sudden sense of intense burden, feeling overwhelmed, and disoriented. Kind of like driving with one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake.

Fiery July of 2017

Welcome to the hot and fiery month of July. The days may now be getting shorter, but that doesn't mean smoother sometimes. In this year of new beginnings, this is the month of fiery new ideas, being in charge, manifesting prosperity in an action sort of way. This is also a time of speaking before thinking, charging on without contemplation about the consequences, pushing ahead without pause.

Inspire or Isolate for the Month of June, 2017

Welcome to June and an opportunity to inspire and uplift yourself and everyone around you. In this month of 2017 filled with new beginnings, there is a tendency to get overwhelmed and retreat and hide. Certainly the wish to be a hermit and isolate from the world is understandable with all the world wide negativity bubbling up to be healed. What if this accelerated purging of old patterns of behavior is visible now to allow us to see what we do NOT want? What if this is the forklift needed to pave a way for a clear and peaceful future world?

May 2017 of Heart and Home

Remember that the Earth will heal from Human abuses, but humans may not.

May: This is the Month of renewal and looking anew at heartfelt healing and also the realm of home as a safe and sacred space.
Attached is a picture of a very old car, covered with the work of water, sand, time. Remember that Earth will heal from Human abuses, but humans may not...

What does it mean to be heart felt? This month offers an opportunity to get out of the mental and thinking mode and instead to feel or experience self, friends, family, neighbors, community and the world through all the senses.

April 2017 Trying out a New Skin

Welcome to the changeable and shifting month of April. This is the month to observe and take note of all the changes occuring in our homes and our surrounding environment. Observing does not require action YET. It does require awareness and preparation for action though.

When I am struggling with my concerns about the issues surrounding me, I find the most solace in nature.

March: The Month for the Meditative Mind

Welcome to March, with flowers, fun, and the chance to get out with nature. This is the month to practice being in a neutral state, a meditative state to see the whole picture...

Frankly, writing for this month has been very challenging. I have seriously struggled with finding those empowering and healing words until today. Instead of neutral, I have placed myself in a mental box, not being very neutral at all, and seriously stuck... grrrrr.

February 2017: The Month of ideas to build on...

Here we are in February and if you have learned about polarity, yin-yang, true-false, action-reaction, diversity, and what feels bad vs what feels good, then you are acutely aware as I am, of the unprecedented challenge yet sincere desire to feel and remain inspired and grateful. As almost every emotion is torn open like a gapping wound to be dissected, we seem to be left with enormous resistance, fear, depression, and discord.

January 2017: the YEAR of Starting ANEW

Here we are in 2017 after a whirlwind year of closure and completion. Now we begin a new cycle of growth. This is a beautiful start to a year of much change and plenty of opportunities to develop a sense of flexibility with a neutral mind.
This year requires that we look straight at the previous year events and forgive all the hurts with open heart. That is very important in order for us to reap the benefits of seeing life through the lens of higher consciousness.

December: Creative and Intentional completion of 2016

Here we are at the end of 2016. A year to stir, clean, donate, observe, heal, forgive, contemplate, plan, consider and in all ways prepare for the new beginnings of 2017. It has been a heavy year for most with lots of turmoil, lots of attachments, lots of areas of feeling stuck. If this month feels scattered and overwhelming, you are NOT alone.
SO: this is the month of December to back up, let go, lighten the load emotionally, have some fun, believe in magic, discuss plans, develop ideas, begin to manifest, nurture community.

November: The Divine Month Within a Completion Year 2016

So here we are along this journey of life, deeply set into the month of divine inspiration and intervention (November). During this month of miracles we are shown another opportunity to pray and meditate for the highest good of all.

Prayer is asking for what you believe to be the most important insights and wisdom.
Meditation is the process for being still long enough to hear the answer to the prayer.

October and the Color of Completion

Welcome to October with all the mystery of completion within a completion year of 2016. If you haven't already had the urge to clean up your home and any emotional baggage that weighs you down, now is a great time.
August was a good month for me to take a break and September was a very challenging month for so many as we wove and dodged miscommunications, frustrating attempts to move forward, volatile and violent behaviors all around. It was a great month to remain still, go within and contemplate places to find gratitude.


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