November 2022: Power vs Force: Linking to Infinitity

This is the 8 month, rolling around again to give us power to speak with heart for authentic change and also in preparation for an interesting 2023. What?
I just went to a concert, first time in who knows how long… Who was the talent on stage? None other than our Arizona native, Stevie Nicks.

So why is that important? Not only was it an amazing concert, it was a perfect opportunity to reflect on the turmoil of the 60’s, with the enormous transformations and revolutionary thought that migrated into more empowered generations that developed from those times. Stevie was very sweetly clear to remind us that “comes around-goes around” is a real thing.

Here we are, stuck with oppressive governmental/ societal norms, lacking in free will, discouraging self-empowerment, impressive suppression of dialogue and research despite all the advances in technology. This time, the generation who would be able to fight and make a stand in a way of the last go round, are instead sometimes feeling too shut down, unable or unwilling to do that dance.

Perhaps the hippies of the 1960’s will be needed again at their ages of 70’s something to remind us all of the history that rebuilt a broken system of the past. This month of 8 could carry that voice of empowerment for a new change.

So, this month, build a bit of compassionate conviction for the healing of this precious planet. Bring your heartfelt and passionate ideas toward a powerful action plan. Remember the past for what it REALLY was to appreciate potential strategies needed to rebuild in creative and innovative ways now.

And prepare for this next year: All about the voice, powerful words of awareness and healing with passion and heart.

October 2022: Be the Inspiration

We have been traveling through a year of heart felt and sometimes overwhelmingly heart-breaking life issues. This month of October is our sneak peek at the upcoming year energetically. Hopefully we have been able to reach deeper into our own selves to leave the instinct of fight/ flight response on a shelf a bit and to move toward a more intuitive decision making. I hope there has been a glimpse of such transformation in your world.

This month we get a chance to take some of those tools of awareness, even a small speck of knowing, and apply them to the highest good through voice, written word, celebration, song, chant, dance… We are, more than ever, able to tap into a noble sense of speaking up and speaking out as we set ourselves for 2023.

For now, start writing what you feel. Because what we must speak in the coming year will have to be spoken from the heart for believability and authenticity. In fact, we will be learning next year, and starting now, that we can judge a truth by how heart felt (not fearful) the story is presented. In other words, begin to judge a story given to you as a place of passionate compassion, the highest good calling OR a place of judgmental, controlling, demeaning, troubled, or stagnant disharmony.

Begin to really look at the quality of the words presented to you. Give yourself pause and breathe before reacting to determine the pull for fear or the pull for hope. Then speak your truth from the heart.

It is time now to see what is happening, not out of fear, but instead to gravitate toward those compassionate, passionate discussions that link us all as a human race.
Be well,

September 2022: Heal Self - Heal Others

How are you feeling this month? Have you begun or continued to align with your purpose and passion? Yes, it is a process that we are all born to accomplish, particularly important during these times. This is a 6 month, dedicated to all things heart and home. Our internal clock is aware of our own healing energy, now feeling an urgent need to spread compassion throughout the universe. It simply requires tapping into that knowing daily.

This begins by taking time daily to see our wholeness as we truly are and as others ACTUALLY see us, not as we think others “must be” seeing us The lens of poor self-worth, of self-degradation, and forgetting our strength in personal integrity, leads to dis-ease and immune issues. Fatigue of over doing everything, over committing, over protecting can be daunting while frankly maintaining a sense of exhaustion. This is the distraction to healing.

The entire planet appears to be disrupted and disconnected. But actually, that is not so. It seems that what we need now is to step into self-acceptance and self-healing as the key to spreading that powerful and elevated energy. Coming from a place of internal wholeness allows us to effortlessly project that magnificent field out to heal those around us through compassion, commitment, and focus. Self-healing then tips the scales toward planetary holistic, inclusive wellness. What we think becomes.

This healing cannot be accomplished without first critically evaluating the thoughts and words we put out to the universe. The media doesn’t want to project self-awareness or empowerment, so it appears that such goodness does not exist. But that is not a place of heart. That is a place instead of control through fear.

So, speak clearly of the spark of whole wellness that is actually everywhere and coming first from within. Be kind to yourself as you explore your inner journey. See the good in you first, so you can more easily see the mirror of good in others. This absolutely does indeed exist and can be seen easily, with practice, through the lens of self-awareness, and then of that spark of light in each person each day.

PS: I will be speaking at Essential Health and Wellness Thursday September 22nd
at 6 pm. Topic is Calm in the Chaos. Visit the website and register for this class at

August 2022: Change as Opportunity

Welcome to August with lots and lots of changes, challenges, and low vibratory heckling to observe. This month can fool us like the photo I chose, taken during a hike in Colorado recently. Are we seeing a vision outside, or just a picture on a wall?
We are in a five-month representing our ability to either dance with flexibility, balance, and striving for greatness OR surrender to greed, intolerance, over indulgence. and addictive thought and behavior…
This month, it is very important to direct the energy of our higher selves with passion and dignity. Our words emit a vibration and the intention of our thoughts put into words are more powerful than ever before. It is important now to use our transformational words AND thoughts as a tipping point of change that will bring peace, prosperity, higher vibrations, and kindness.
The key here is to observe the illusion distracting us for what it is and focus with all our might at not only our personal greatness but the world we want for the highest good and for sustainability. See the manifestation of that higher vibration, surround that thought in bright light, and send that light impulse where it is needed most. Speak of wellness, potential, and expansion. Welcome change as bringing opportunity and hope.
At this time, we have a particularly vibrant surge in our human energy frequency to help us. That is because right now we are entering a portal, some calling Lion’s Gate. This is such an amazing opportunity to remember ancient wisdom of light on one side of this metaphorical gate and future aspirations of transformation on the other side. Then, while balancing earth and spirituality, we pass through this gate of Presence with discipline, dignity and compassion. Through intention, we activate this amazing energy frequency for the benefit of ourselves and all planetary inhabitants.
Have a Blessed August,

July 2022: The Bigger Picture with the Neutral Mind

Amazingly we have made it into the second half of 2022, and here we are… This is the month in 2022 to step into our intention of balance and reason by finding some way to DAILY hold a neutral space in our mind, even if for a moment. That way we can glimpse at the bigger picture and continue to project healing energy.

It is so very important that we continue to be the observer, and through the neutral mind, step back from the muck and triggers that strip us of inner peace. The balance of self and the balance of the planet have become one story so that which is happening around us will be felt in our bodies if we can’t neutralize and find balance. As above, so below, as within, so without.

While on a hike to find a spring last week, I came across a small amount of water with a bright pink flower insisting on showing up to remind me of our amazing natural world. Turns out this flower is somewhat rare and called Arizona Centaury or Rosita. Perfect. This hike with this gentle but determined flower, reminded me with awe, how the planet will continue to nurture and provide. Just enough water and vegetation to supply an otherwise arid environment.

How do we move forward this month? Make a plan for action with healing in mind. Access higher vibration and resonance to attract others to that same higher energy. Turn off the media more than ever. Listen to your own drum, that of healing. Find ways to heal through vibration.

I was given a gift of a web site yesterday (thank you Sari from . It turns out that I actually did not know how many people thought the Gong was as much of a healing energy as I do. I didn’t even know about this particular community until yesterday. I share it below but please, if interested in the Gong vibration, watch this quickly, I guess it goes away after the 4th of July….

And happy blessed Independence Day. Remember independence is now an inward state of being, self-aware, authentic, self-healing in search of a community of like-minded advocates and healers.

In Balanced health,

June 2022: Creative Consciousness

In considering the discussion about this month, the recent and actually ongoing and shockingly dramatic events in the world make it challenging to be hopeful sometimes. It is understood in higher level thinking circles that this breakdown around us is important, even imperative, to the rebuilding and healing of our lives, communities, awareness of self, and our planet. That awareness does not always seem to be available as we grieve and worry about our planet in so many ways.
So here we are in a 3 month, a month to give us some pause and hope. The three month (6,2,0,2,2) gives us permission to stop for a moment, suspend all the worries for just a bit. Instead we can breathe deeply, and laugh, play, create, build community, show others a smile, and clearly step aside from the drumming din on media.
It is important to give ourselves the chance to reach in to that peaceful place in our souls and remember the joy resonating deep inside. And now bring that idea outward and just think about it. Don’t bother bringing in too many tasks, that will quickly feel overwhelming. Just one or two of these loving ideas is just right to dream about and begin to plan.
The picture this month is a photo of my grandmother. This picture, dating more than 100 years ago, with that softly smiling, slightly mischievous little girl who became my grandmother, tells a wonderful story of imagination, joy, community, gentleness, hope, love, and kindness. And if you consider that this was the “good ol’ days”, you may not recall how difficult those times actually were. And of course, there is no going back, but we can take a moment or two or three in this month to see that hope and the very human-ness of our existence, no matter what era, is still available to us as it was then.
Much of our decision making at this time and our future is dependent on this hope. And it starts with stepping back to redefine ourselves. Perhaps one tool to begin thinking of our future with play and hope could be found here: The three principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought: By Sydney Banks
In Kindness,
PS: Sangeet will be holding a meditation and will be playing the gong for the full moon Tuesday the 14th at 6:00 pm at our new medical office at 11209 N. Tatum Blvd #160 Phoenix

May 2022: Miracles Await

Connecting to Universal Intelligence during this month is very important at this time. This is the month of miracles and it begins with self-reflection. Maybe you feel a sense of time warp happening? I’m never sure what Mercury retrograde really means, but it seems to be fairly well accepted that it is a time to slow down and consider everything quietly rather than pushing through defiantly without thought.
Time to check in with our higher selves and remember who we are in solidarity as human beings. What evaluation of self and society can be done right now? This miracle month, with its vast energy through planetary changes, eclipses, solar flares… can provide the momentum needed to move us forward in our path in the Aquarian era.
Time to let go of the anxiety and social panic that causes us to scapegoat others for daring to have a different belief. Diversity is mandatory for our very survival. The homogenous belief structure of “I am right and you are wrong” will take us all down. We are seeing this happen before our eyes as the divide continues regarding health, immunity, nature (especially nature).
This month is a time for fearlessly resetting our purpose, redefining our humanity and remembering our relationship to the universe and to the natural world.
Watch now as we learn what our physical bodies really crave for in sustenance, what our emotional bodies need to gain confidence, what our mental bodies search for in transparency of information, how our spiritual bodies guide us in search for universal truth.
All these aspects of our whole selves have been entirely hijacked over the last years. All the assaults on these aspects of our selves have clearly affected our ability to combat the effects of chronic and actually acute illnesses. Now we are given an opportunity to reflect and reboot. So breathe.
For now, start by looking to clean and simple foods without additives. If you can’t understand what the ingredients are that you are consuming, why consume them? Read labels all the time. Why take for granted that processed foods are good for our health and immune systems when it is clear that simple foods close to nature have worked well for us forever without all those chemicals.
Look up or to see that an incredibly vast knowledge base exists regarding nurturing our bodies as we nurture nature itself. Be aware and observant about how many ways nature heals us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It just makes sense.
Be Well through moments of quiet reflection in this Miraculous month of May.

April 2022: New or Repeat Template

Ready for Spring and spring cleaning? Fresh start? This month opens that potential if we are curious enough to ask the questions. This is the month of April and all about new beginnings. While the breakdown of the old continues from March, we enter and get a peek at this month of rebirth and rejuvenation. What a mix of emotions after such turbulent times.
Can we see a new and upgraded kind of normal to embrace? Or do we continue making the same less sustainable choices moving forward?
Have you taken the time to step back and pause from media yet? Can you see that fear at every turn through media can affect your health and immunity? Have you given yourself a chance to quiet your mind long enough each day to remember who you are IN and OF the LIGHT?
In small steps, with daily practice, you can raise your own personal vibration. Find your own sound current. Try drumming, listen to a beautiful melody, sing daily, dance, enjoy surrounding yourself with the vibration of the gong. Recalibrate every day while being the neutral observer to the crazy around you. That is the healing way right now.
I pray for inner peace for each of us, so that we can then mirror that internal wellbeing, projecting that peace outward every day.
Please be well and remember wholeness.
PS: Please consider signing up for a gong vibration and labyrinth walk in the full moon this Saturday the 16th of April: 7:00pm, at Ericshouse. Sign up by looking up under events. This is a donation only event.
And if you enjoy learning more about labyrinths, look again at Ericshouse for our annual labyrinth day on May 7th, 2022.

March 2022: A Time for Reflection and Closure

March is considered a nine month in numerology as written by Sangeet. By adding this month (3) to the year of 2022. (6), we come up with the number 9. This is the month to pause and review all that has been learned. It is a time to consolidate those lessons, and reflect.
In our exhaustion over the past two years, it is very tempting to shut everything down, and this month represents those feelings of closure. Well, at least that has been my experience as I worked with writing this month’s blog.
Through all the turmoil and loss that we have endured on so many levels, it is now time to notice with curiosity, how nature has once again saved the day. Where would we be without nature and natural immunity to remind us again that we are not so much overlords of nature but instead we are partners.
As the frenzy of media takes a small break from viral domination, we are left with a moment to step back, mourn our many challenges, and allow some things that have seduced us over the last two years to now take back stage. Take time to be still and remember who you are.
Don’t allow the spring time to go unrevealed with its colorful flowers living among the rocky terrain of our lives. New growth is budding.
Rekindle humor and laughter as we allow ourselves to gracefully close a chapter surrounded by fear. Now breathe long, slow breaths in gratitude for the air we breathe, the beauty surrounding us, and the colors of life that offer joy. Gift yourself a dedicated time each day for this pause and reboot outdoors.

February 2022: Building Prana and Life Force

Prana is a Sanskrit word that describes our essence, the energy surrounding us. It is also known as CHI. It is the driving force of our being. In the context of this month, it is represented by the number 8, and it offers the power of bold strength. Breath work, called pranayama, is a vital and positive action to maintain our Pranic flow and therefore our Life Force.
This month of February is about putting plans into action, moving forward. Perhaps consider writing an action plan. Fearlessly.
Humans do better when hope and peace can be visualized. Hopelessness and apathy bring despair and dullness to the table. How can you turn an emotion of fear and worry to a different active thought? Look at the trigger when these emotions surface and say no, even if for a moment. And remember that service for others helps distance us from our limiting beliefs.
Of course, all action plans require thought. The controlled diaphragmatic breath with meditation helps to build and sustain our prana as we develop our plans. One very powerful pranayama is called the breath of fire. See or find a YouTube to learn more about how to do the breath of fire. Commit to 90 days of this breath and the power of you will be evident.
Interesting contemplation while we are doing our meditative breath work: Note the date of 02-22-2022 as it is said that it is the the gateway to the Aquarian way. We have worked so long for this potential of elevated energy and light, so it is important to breathe and consider our actions and power to spread the light everywhere.
So Manifest! Have ideas? Say it is so! Accomplish a goal. Say something that needs to be said, increase activity and action. Have attitude with gratitude and march on into and with the light.

January 2022: Navigating with Heart and with Voice

Welcome to 2022 and the year of SIX. This means it is the year of associating all things related to heart, home, sacred space, the earth itself and nature. This 6 year provides an opportunity for addressing our personal self-esteem as well as our collective worth with a real chance to critically look at our fear-beasts.
Fear causes a weakening of our immune system so this year is an extremely important time to stand up powerfully and in solidarity in order to strengthen our immune systems and our world.
Please do not underestimate our connection to the benefits of our planetary microbiome. Do not forget that our bodies and the billions of beneficial bacteria, virus, fungi, microbes that are integrated and woven into our uniqueness, are all keen on supporting our natural immunity. It is time to understand how that will heal us.
This is our quest for 2022.
What does it take to build and support our immunity long term and with the help of nature?
How can the earth and all the energetic beings on this planet be supportive to the collective healing potential?
What do we stand for as a human race among all creatures on earth?
How do we expand our awareness through our heart, service, love, empathy, kindness to rise up to those who want us to remain in fear and oppression?
What does it take to heal wounds of separation?
How do we navigate through so many layers of fear to find peace and hope this Aquarian year?
These are all questions to be curious about and play with for 2022.

So what does this month of January provide during this year?
This January represents the number 7: This is a month to rebuild our voices into the universal equation.
This is a month to stand up and speak out for common bonds in order to bring us together in fearless autonomy.
It is our collective voices either written, spoken, sung, whispered that will awaken the paralyzed, brainwashed, judgmental, and fearful hearts that are now separating us. The drum roll of fear can be broken with the voices of reason, logic, moderation, trust, open-mindedness, kindness, and tolerance.
Gain courage through dissonance and with curiosity. Also, laughter.
Make reintroductions with those that you have lost touch with over the last few years.
See the blessings of all things heart and home.
All thoughts expand if attention is given to them, so breathe into the highest good for all.
Love and Light, Kathleen

December 2021: Empowerment Through Compasson

This last month of 2021 is the month of compassionate action, personal health choices, and standing up in higher consciousness to NOT allowing others to dictate our personal health and wellness. This month is dedicated to empowerment, resolve in personal strength, and preparing us to move into the year 2022 related to the heart/ home /integrity/ sacred space.
Fear and worry disabled our power as we waited to be told how to be protected. Meanwhile universal energy provided us with a reset of our energy starting with a forced halt of our old and outdated collective consciousness. Slowly and with time, tapping into our awareness, consciousness, and curiosity, we have come, or are coming, to understand that our true power is actually available from within, not from without. We are learning that our collective being as mind/body/spirit are still within our potential personal choices.
It is now time to transform outside power, story-telling, and sometimes force, to inside empowerment and compassionate awareness and open connections/communications.
Always remember that Energy follows Thought.
It is extremely important right now, to step back and view the world with a renewed consciousness and awareness as if through a new view finder, while we leave behind our obsolete beliefs and programming. In this way, we enter our newly activated and awakening selves by being in the light.
Remember how important you are for the advancement of our collective consciousness. I just watched, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, in black and white to remind myself once again that we all have purpose and are born for this time. Maybe consider taking time to watch that lovely movie….
The universe is supporting our crystalline evolution through some pretty magical and powerful energy influx during the 40 days up to 12/21/21. The date of 12/12/21 is considered a time of strong activation as a holy gate to this oncoming and very healing solstice. This date of 12/12/21 begins a time to very consciously pay attention to how the energy is shifting rapidly all around and through us for the rest of the month.
As these holidays are celebrated, remember to allow time every day to feel these higher transmissions and to tap into the frequencies provided through nature. Promise yourself the gift of awareness and self-care this month so you will be able to view the deep, unstoppable, and profound shift surfacing everywhere. That is how we will be able to reclaim our life force and power through nature and crystalline awareness.
From Patricia Cota-Robles at Era of
Be Still and Know that I am God
Be Still and know that I am
Be still and know
Be still

November 2021: Stillness Within Community

Today is 11/11/2021 and I must say I always love seeing 11:11 on my clock in the evening when I should have been in bed already, or random sightings of this number that many call angelic numbers. I see that sequence and feel somehow protected. In any case, today according to many, is the beginning of 40 days of vast healing around the planet, many energetic upgrades, lots of powerful eclipse and moon strengths, and all leading up to winter solstice.
There is one trick though. This month is called a seven month and is the month to remind ourselves to sit with “being alone without being lonely”…. What does that look like when the holidays are fast approaching? Well knowing that we are never actually going back to good ol’ days, what can we do to bridge into the new world without losing ourselves and feeling disconnected? Ah ha….
For this month and into next month, it is very important to just take time to be still daily. Consider smaller gatherings and meeting less often than you might have in years past. Stay clear of media that has too many mis-messages anyway. Pledge to eat clean, non-polluted foods because you can! Remove yourself from big money enticement, deep pocket shopping, worrying about how everyone else might judge you when that is no longer relevant. This is a very blessed month all starting with an angelic reminder that you are actually never alone within the universe, and only lonely when you are feeling disconnected with yourself within the universe….
Many blessings for this month of vast expansion. Enjoy!!!

October 2021: A Glimpse of 2022

Each October offers a window into the theme for the following year. The weather changes, we feel the interest to get outside, some plans for the fall and winter holidays are beginning, and we begin to feel fresh ideas for the coming year.

This month provides us with an opportunity to begin to reevaluate our homes, our heart-felt commitments, our families, our lifestyles. It is a great time to imagine and plan for a sacred space for ourselves in nature whether it is on a porch, a back yard, or a wilderness…

Although we are not quite there yet, we get to know that the heart year is on the horizon. As we are aware of the gifts of 2022, we need to keep embracing flexibility, and the physical needs of 2021. As we set our sites on the global home, we can take the rest of the year to give health and work related details some attention.

Are you caught up with your dental, vision, physical labs/ exams? Have you been looking at your work and choosing whether it is time to update your resume or assess if you really love your job right now?

Flexibility actually means keeping the integrity that you hold for yourself even though the outside pressures are in a world that is anything but transparent. Confused? Stay steady with your convictions and the right thing for you. That is your right after all. Realize that it might mean a new job will offer a like-minded / health conscious community that you have wanted all along.

So begin to feel the outcomes of this year by remaining flexible while holding to your highest and honored level of health for you. Get outside, get back to the hike with clean water in your hand. And set your sites on family, healing, caring, heart, home and community as we move through the calendar toward 2022.

September 2021: Maintaining Strength and Flexibility

This has been an interesting month for change, and adaptation to story. All of us have both an internal and external dialogue that we nurture, feed, and sometimes reject all together.
Bruce Lipton has always noted that these dialogues start with building our world knowledge templates as children. He always states that we learn like sponges with open theta brain waves until we are about 7 years old. Then we play on that series of stories throughout our lives until we decide to see them and consciously change the story moving forward. This month seems to have been that kind of dance.
The unpredictability of life these days has left some numb, some angry, some fearful, and some knowing that we were born for just this experience and are willing to ride this tornado until it dissolves leaving a power within us that we did not know we had.
I asked Sangeet ( when she thought we would hit bottom and she gave me so much clarity by stating there is no bottom and no top. Just experience that we can choose to fly with or drown in… wow.
I have been practicing the art of evaluating so much of what is happening around me as the observer instead of the participant or contributing editor. Not always successful as I do have my own strong opinion. But the more I attempt this enduring and restorative thought, the better I feel, and the more flexible I become for whatever is going to happen in one minute from now.
As always, I strongly recommend getting out as often as possible. Snap away from the routine even for a few hours to drive out of town in any direction and take a walk. See and smell water and trees, feel sand, hear wind, rain, thunder…. Live of the planet, ground and breathe: As Within, So Without. It makes a huge difference in this month of the physical!


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