September 2023: Speaking Your Truth

Where are you in your growth journey?
I recently had an amazing healing session of a unique kind of work called Body Talk or rather a blend of that work. This transformational conversation brought to the foreground what I often advise to others but perhaps had forgotten to apply to me. The past with all the good, bad, joy, survival, awareness, dysfunction is both a set of vital tools for being on this planet this lifetime and also burdens or crosses to bear until we choose to let them go.

It is natural for us to define ourselves by the experiences of our youth, especially before age 8. Bruce Lipton was very clear about that. Check out any of his YouTube discussions to clarify.

The key, at one time or another through our earth journey, is to determine through self-awareness and with solidarity, whether those trappings of our childhood teachings have any validity now as adults.
It is remarkable for me to become aware that for all the service and healing work I have accomplished, the threads of “not good enough”, could still linger as I persisted in hearing the words of childhood that were intended to protect me, yet hampered my individual gifts.

The gift of these times now is that nothing will be the same again, the past is overall not as valid in this new era. I am thrilled to have been invited to look straight at my childhood, see that time for what it was in the context of others’ fears, not my mission on the planet… And release that information as not actually mine, now replace those old templates with fresh thoughts of who I am and why I am here.

So I invite you to consider the same as we powerfully enter a new era, redefining how we will be navigating our lives through the Aquarian era as it unfolds in front of us.
This is the month of speaking to uplift about some or all of our own personal awareness and to be present to noble fresh ideals as we are shifting so rapidly this month. The universe is at our service and willing to do what we think of most, especially now…

Start by really taking that deep dive into old tattered thoughts that do not serve. Deeply grieve the emotional traps that bound us as young and vulnerable children…. Then it is important to catch your thoughts, scrub them to your liking for what you do like. Then in noble knowing, project them out by written, verbal or presence to attract more of what you want.

This of course starts with the breath, so breathe by stretching the diaphragm down into the abdominal cavity, shoulders always down, relaxed, straight spine… Inhale nose, exhale nose to take advantage of the strength of your nervous system to support you.

After recognizing and clearing the grief associated with awareness, then observe and imagine gratitude. Recall what brings you a sense of joy and passion. Hold that, follow that thought, and feel the flow begin without distraction. Continue that method twice a day, only a couple minutes every day, it will grow to more time when you are ready.

These things become a new habit DAILY. The breath, the thought, the word, the presence.
Expanding this simple work is the root of energetic healing.

August 2023: The Dog Days of Summer

This August has been a time of subtle shifting and taking that deep dive in matters of the heart.
Lion’s Gate is the 8th of August each year and is seen around the world as a move or shift from an outdated thought to a fresh start. It is an opportunity to pause and listen within for the shifts and guidance as our universe resets a bit.
It was interesting to read about Lion’s Gate especially in relationship to the term “dog days of summer” because of Arizona’s unrelenting heat this August. Apparently that term had an origin with either the Egyptians or Greeks and was related to the star SIRIUS’ appearance in the sky, and aligning with the sun. The Egyptians celebrated that time because the viewing of Sirius coincided with the flooding of the Nile, promising nutrient rich crops. The ancient Greeks noted that Sirius was the brightest star in the constellation called Canis Major, therefore called it the dog star. It appears each summer as it aligns with our sun, thus identifying it with the dog days of summer.
Lion’s Gate is a celebration of the alignment of our Sun and Sirius, promising new beginnings, and fresh starts with our relationships, work, habits, patterns, home. The number 8 is a sign of infinity and so the time called Lion’s Gate (8/8) is considered a potential for greater levels of intuition and spirituality.
This month then has been a slow-down kind of month to contemplate, read a book or two, take a class, swim, hike in the mountains, practice intuitive skills, enhance simple projects in the home. It is an important time to rejuvenate for the sake of our immune system by taking in some vitamin D, adding vitamin C rich bright colored fresh veggies and fruits, drink plenty of clean, clear water.
Have a great rest of August and stay in the flow.

July 2023: Balance and Flexibility

This month begins the second of half of 2023 which is the year of inspiration vs. resistance and self-doubt. Within this year is this July, a month intended to allow for reassessing and balance, strengthening both our spirit and physical wellness. The natural tendencies are to hold on to what no longer serves us or others in the universe, and is the looming challenge for this month.

My friend recently brought up this struggle and the work I did years ago related to compassion fatigue vs. burnout. There is so much pushing and pulling on our emotions as we shift our energy in the universe that our whole lives can feel very raw, bringing tons of old feelings to the surface to view.
Burnout is when it is time to move out of the way of an environment or mindset or career that is dragging the whole self down because it is just the wrong path. It is a time to pause and reevaluate jobs/careers.

Compassion fatigue is actually quite different because it comes from a place of healing, caring and wanting to be continue to be that healer. It is a strong knowing that this is the right path and yet the balance of self-care has been tipped severely toward those who are needing that healing and care. There is not enough regard to self. This is a dilemma to many healers.
The key to this tipping point time right now is to pull the strengths of this July toward consciously making slots of time each day for things that rejuvenate the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional selves.

This month is enhanced by practicing flexibility, so stretching the spine every day is very important: swim, stretch, dance. This is a great time to consider an expansion on the theme of the three pillars of nutrition:
1. Food is medicine (fresh produce, clean water, good minerals and avoiding all roundup).
2. Variety is the spice of life (no left overs the very next day, switch up food choices, take a break once in a while from food routines, skip supplements sometimes to let the body kick in. Also being curious in life, curious trials of food not tried before, meeting new communities, change up what is done for exercise to keep the fascia sliding along nicely).
3. Too much of a good thing will take you down (unrelenting stress, lack of sleep patterns due to stress, repetitive thoughts of worry, fears, same foods, drinks, overdoing as a lifestyle...).
So be sure to add in a good dose of nature, being barefoot, and smell the ocean water or mountain earth. Take self-care including self-rejuvenation by making space every day for a meditative reboot.

Please do a google search on circadian health, circadian medicine, circadian rhythm.
This year is all about learning to be gentle through self-awareness and self-care. And this month is about staying in the flow and flexibility….
So have some fun to reset yourself….

June 2023: Boxes as Stairs or Traps

This June is about boxes: Do you want to be stuck in one of yours, measuring the four corners, making everything is tidy and in control, while the world is changing and expanding so fast? Or are you ready to appreciate the value of that box for being an organized, contained item, and still expand beyond its borders, using curiosity and creativity as a ‘step’ up for flexibility in your life and vision?

This month of June 2023 celebrates summer with get-away travel, unusual weather, increase in solar flares, (most recent June 20th), increasing frequencies of the Schumann’s resonance (earth vibration) which is affecting our autonomic nervous system, and crazy media being so absurd as to finally and so obviously make no sense. See bottom of this blog for some fun references.

First step toward greater peace is to gather your strong brain cells and turn off the TV and get outside. If you think that you must stay informed, ask yourself why and what source are you seeing that is factual enough to help you in your growth? What do you think is your duty or obligation to stay informed in a swirl of jibberish that keeps us in reactive fight/flight mode? What is it you are attempting to control by watching the “boob-tube” as my family used to say? During my work day, I am very often known to repeat, “trying to control what you can NOT control is the definition of anxiety”.

If this year brings doubt in your ability to be self-aware and feel well because of outside forces dictating how you can think, then now is certainly time to use your brain today to validate your own personal power. Where does that resource of finding person power come from? Follow your emotions in the direction of feeling good. What?

Emotions are the super power of the human experience. We can’t actually change the forces of the earth, sun, and stars, but we can check in with our emotions to validate that we are following our most sacred and passionate path in life.

Start with continuing to develop a neutral mind through quiet and soft diaphragmatic breathing, meditation, prayer (including listening to the answer of your plea), nurturing true compassion for others’ journeys even if we don’t agree, remembering a point of gratitude, and listening to the stillness every day. That sets the stage for recognizing the emotions that will guide us forward on our destined path.

We were given so many tools of life as children. So right or wrong, good or bad, we do have resources of resilience. After being in a quiet neutral place, consider what feels right and good for the next step in the day given all our knowledge and history.

Asking questions in curiosity after stillness and gratitude, will always provide a clue. What brings you joy, what makes your eyes shine, what provides a smile? What feels motivating and exhilarating? Put those items in your box, bringing them out daily to manifest. AND GO THERE.

For sure all these changes in our universe are for higher energetic healing, stronger personal power and awareness, lovely potential. It is our mental choice, SO which world do we want to live in now? The new and lovely earth is ours to behold.

May 2023: Creative Possibilities

This month of May has been an interesting blend of expansion and contraction it seems. We could have been drawn to really creative ideas only to feel overwhelmed when too many choices appeared. It seems that being a team player this month may have been conflicting with our personal boundaries with so much busy-ness to distract us.

Perhaps the “gung ho” energy of getting out to make things happen was dampened a bit by mercury retrograde and so many solar flares and eclipses? Or maybe it is just the jumpy restart of imagining new ideas after the crush of creativity over the last few years.

This is still a great month to once again be the observer and ground in nature. The native flowers from earlier in the month have given way to a dry and brown appearance in the desert, but a new beauty shows up to the observant.

What curious or intuitive ideas could be appearing in the sounds of nature. As the temperature warms up, we can find new times to explore, like early morning adventures or watching a sunset at a mountain nearby.

I hope the rest of your May is loaded with great community and fun adventures. I hope your to do list suddenly becomes manageable as mine just did… Please, remember to give a moment to those who are on the other side of the veil, keeping them close in memory.

In wellness,

April 2023: Heaven on Earth

Welcome to April as the month of divine inspiration and miracles of all sizes and shapes. Miracles are not always manifesting as we expect, but instead noted at a later time, as enormously important for our overall movement in grace.

In Arizona, the winter weather and change in the climate this year, produced so much rain that we have been blessed with flowers everywhere. Of course, weeds too, but the beauty of vast fields of flowers reminds us that the desert can produce such a fantastic image of renewal.

So, what of these weeds? Sneezing the morning away doesn’t seem like such a gift, but that is the challenge of a miracle month. And the eye of the beholder brings us to the topic of choosing what this miracle month provides.

What brings joy? What life experience gives a feeling of emotion that is worth growing? I went to a workshop provided by Abraham Hicks (Esther) that reminded me that what feels good (seeing flowers) can enhance my path in life, developing more of the same if I choose.

What is not my favorite (weeds), can take over my life, or I can choose to clean up a bit each day. And eventually seeing the yard surrounding me the way I want it, can be a discipline or project and not a sneezy enemy: My choice.

Maybe life is about growing joy, step by step. So please take time to find that beauty this month and follow that. Feelings that are fun, soothing and nurturing will always lead toward prosperity, peace and grace.

March 2023: Potential Unlimited but Wait?

This March is about everything new. Well, who knew how turbulent NEW might look.

This March brings a potential fresh start. So, at the beginning of this month, I figured there was no stopping us now, and it was time to just go for it, whatever “go for it” meant. I felt the need to manifest! Everything! New! Now!

I attempted numerous times to write about this month with all the hope and inspiration that new things bring… but whew!!! Each attempt at putting things down seemed tired, affected, weary. Even the original choice of picture was no fun….

Well, sooo many things, ideas, plans just did not work this month because the basic foundation had not been placed. Because the swirl of the universal energy has its own timeline, my plans of good intention did not always coincide with the energy shifting master plan….

I thought that the wonderful, energetic potential of starting new things meant developing great lists with lots of intention associated with those goals, which of course, quickly became extremely overwhelming as the universe seemed to have a different kind of variety set up for these plans.

It is true that this month is a great opportunity to manifest fresh ideas, concepts, with new energy, new life. Yet, as I witness the world still broken on many levels, I become increasingly more aware of what needs fixing. And making too many changes personally while so much turmoil continues, begins to feel very much like driving with one foot on the brake and one on the gas at the same time.

Adding the conflicting emotions of personal growth as we are all bombarded with planetary changes, alignments, and sun flares, I have concluded that as this month ends, that I was very much in need of shutting down quite a bit. With plenty of tears and with the help of my community and people, I realize that going within, being still, especially giving myself some slack, are the paramount steps to jumping into new territory.

This is a fabulous month of March, almost over, and is flowered with lots of potential, but what I have learned is to think about things more, feel about things more, and consider before jumping into the free fall. I am imagining this free fall to be slower, perhaps with a parachute, and with changes that do not have to happen all NOW.

So, keep the wheels turning while still giving time for pause and allowing that swirly path which brings joy. And have a sense of self forgiveness and grace (that means me too), so that those new projects and plans will shine back with brilliance.

February 2023: Letting Go to Make Room for Awesome

As we move toward spring, it is time to imagine what seeds we want to plant. This month is about cleaning out the cobwebs in our minds and in our closets. We have an opportunity to observe, see more clearly, where truth vs fiction really blurred our lives.

What brought you fear especially over the last few years? Is it possible that it may have been from outside influences that we cannot control, mandating that we relinquish our personal power? Or perhaps it was internal triggers from past times?
In our quest to grow in a very turbulent universe, how do we process all of our emotions from the past in order to be ready to blast forward next month with fresh thinking and learning?

It seems that the first step to freedom from our past and movement forward unencumbered, requires that we must first acknowledge our grief and loss. Breathe quietly, in through the nose, out through the nose, dropped shoulder, quieting that quick and frustrated mind for a moment or several moments each day.

And in that moment or moments, bless our challenges as growth experiences, and find something to feel grateful for with grace. Develop a discerning and quick mind that sees things for what they really are, and be able to let go/ let God.

To do anything but this, lends to feeling always ungrateful, a feeling that we are victims to the mysteries of life. It leads us to feeling confused, and unable to let go of what no longer serves us as we prepare for March and beyond.

Learn to lean into your intuition, slowly breathe with a quiet meditative/ prayerful mind. And prepare for the seeds you will plant. Set yourself to jump start manifestation for what you DO want, as it will occur at lightning speed, if you take time to listen to that still small voice.

I had an opportunity to speak with my good friend Melinda Vail recently about how I do my work. I hope you enjoy this video:


Have a peaceful February.

January 2023: Voice as Potential or Control

Welcome to 2023, the year to learn to speak up, carry the torch, and inspire others through both word and deed. What do you want? What is the best for our human potential? What does it take to grow as energetic human beings among humans and the planet where we live? Human is HU meaning light, MAN meaning of the earth, and BEING meaning to be in presence.

We have been in hibernation mode for over two years, learning about who we are and who we want to be as individuals and as a community. We saw more completely opposing viewpoints, more confusion, more upheaval, less toilet paper, and above all significant time for more pause in our lives than ever before.

This will eventually be, if not already understood to be, a monumental and necessary timeout in order to recalibrate to the more energy-based souls we have become So, did we walk away with more fear or did we get a glimpse of self-empowerment within the chaos?

Now we enter the year of the voice: 2+0+2+3= 7. This is a powerful year associated with speaking our truth. This offers an opportunity to break through hidden agendas, gag orders on many levels, lack of transparency in local and world affairs that affect all of us, money driven values that don’t serve, family dynamics that showed themselves, and environmental factors that will affect the planet we need for own survival.

The seven year has the potential to be a shouting match if we want that to be our way of communication. A better and more advanced way of communicating will be related to speaking from a deep and meditative mind as connected to higher calling, a universal awareness. It first requires a daily practice of stillness that provides clarity of purpose and boundaries while consciously declining self-degrading thoughts that do nothing but slow our progress.

Interestingly this month of January of the year 2023 provides lots of fire and power to this voice. It can be a time to get things done, so to speak, but can also be too strong without that pause in the day. There is a difference between passion and aggression. Sometimes, in the moment, it is hard to tell the difference as we speak… This month truly requires that we be ready to stop mid-sentence if we need to in order to be clear of our intention and not out to push our personal agendas, (as if the only way), in a bossy and forceful manner.

This month is a very important time to get our world moving at a much higher level of consciousness with all the power of 8 and voice potential of 7. Remember this month, that it is important to come from a place of calm and quiet first before speaking and then hold onto the simple truth.

Use this empowered voice of yours to uplift and encourage those around you. Not to control others but to give hope. Chant a sound current that works for you to keep you in focus: a church hymn, a yoga meditation, a mantra, Hum, Sing, Speak, Breathe.

Here we go! Let the games begin! Have a peaceful and prosperous 2023!

December 2022: Letting Go What Does Not Serve

This is a particularly powerful month at the end of a long year of gifts and challenges. And after so many attempts to restart the engines of prosperity, momentum, and healing of self as well as of others, it is now time to pause and reflect for a bit.

This is a nine month of completion and letting go of those outdated paradigms, worn out frustrations, tiresome worries that wear out the soul. Great timing too as it is also the end of the year, with plenty of opportunity to work through these sometimes challenging exercises called self reflection…

Here are a few thoughts to let go for 2022:
What may have been the blocks for accomplishing your heart felt goals and aspirations?
Do you still feel like you are in survival mode?
Maybe still feeling disconnected from those around you?
Forgot to add yourself into your to do list of self-care options?

I know I can easily find plenty of fodder for self-criticism. It has its value at times. Now though, it is time to let your quick mind and intuition reign for what is left of this month in order to project the rest of the story.

Were you able to keep a sense of integrity during this year?
Could you make any time to hone in on your intuitive skills?
Are you beginning to feel more connected to the others again?
And how about the connection to the universe day by day?
Are you learning any new information toward self-awareness?
Were you able to find comfort in reorganizing your home?

It is never too late to set sites on appreciating the gifts and graces that have come your way through this journey called 2022. And here’s to 2023, whose theme will be about using voice to uplift self and others. Let’s have more of that!!!

Enjoy the “winter scene” of Arizona from a recent hike I took, and have a blessed holiday season,

November 2022: Power vs Force: Linking to Infinitity

This is the 8 month, rolling around again to give us power to speak with heart for authentic change and also in preparation for an interesting 2023. What?
I just went to a concert, first time in who knows how long… Who was the talent on stage? None other than our Arizona native, Stevie Nicks.

So why is that important? Not only was it an amazing concert, it was a perfect opportunity to reflect on the turmoil of the 60’s, with the enormous transformations and revolutionary thought that migrated into more empowered generations that developed from those times. Stevie was very sweetly clear to remind us that “comes around-goes around” is a real thing.

Here we are, stuck with oppressive governmental/ societal norms, lacking in free will, discouraging self-empowerment, impressive suppression of dialogue and research despite all the advances in technology. This time, the generation who would be able to fight and make a stand in a way of the last go round, are instead sometimes feeling too shut down, unable or unwilling to do that dance.

Perhaps the hippies of the 1960’s will be needed again at their ages of 70’s something to remind us all of the history that rebuilt a broken system of the past. This month of 8 could carry that voice of empowerment for a new change.

So, this month, build a bit of compassionate conviction for the healing of this precious planet. Bring your heartfelt and passionate ideas toward a powerful action plan. Remember the past for what it REALLY was to appreciate potential strategies needed to rebuild in creative and innovative ways now.

And prepare for this next year: All about the voice, powerful words of awareness and healing with passion and heart.

October 2022: Be the Inspiration

We have been traveling through a year of heart felt and sometimes overwhelmingly heart-breaking life issues. This month of October is our sneak peek at the upcoming year energetically. Hopefully we have been able to reach deeper into our own selves to leave the instinct of fight/ flight response on a shelf a bit and to move toward a more intuitive decision making. I hope there has been a glimpse of such transformation in your world.

This month we get a chance to take some of those tools of awareness, even a small speck of knowing, and apply them to the highest good through voice, written word, celebration, song, chant, dance… We are, more than ever, able to tap into a noble sense of speaking up and speaking out as we set ourselves for 2023.

For now, start writing what you feel. Because what we must speak in the coming year will have to be spoken from the heart for believability and authenticity. In fact, we will be learning next year, and starting now, that we can judge a truth by how heart felt (not fearful) the story is presented. In other words, begin to judge a story given to you as a place of passionate compassion, the highest good calling OR a place of judgmental, controlling, demeaning, troubled, or stagnant disharmony.

Begin to really look at the quality of the words presented to you. Give yourself pause and breathe before reacting to determine the pull for fear or the pull for hope. Then speak your truth from the heart.

It is time now to see what is happening, not out of fear, but instead to gravitate toward those compassionate, passionate discussions that link us all as a human race.
Be well,

September 2022: Heal Self - Heal Others

How are you feeling this month? Have you begun or continued to align with your purpose and passion? Yes, it is a process that we are all born to accomplish, particularly important during these times. This is a 6 month, dedicated to all things heart and home. Our internal clock is aware of our own healing energy, now feeling an urgent need to spread compassion throughout the universe. It simply requires tapping into that knowing daily.

This begins by taking time daily to see our wholeness as we truly are and as others ACTUALLY see us, not as we think others “must be” seeing us The lens of poor self-worth, of self-degradation, and forgetting our strength in personal integrity, leads to dis-ease and immune issues. Fatigue of over doing everything, over committing, over protecting can be daunting while frankly maintaining a sense of exhaustion. This is the distraction to healing.

The entire planet appears to be disrupted and disconnected. But actually, that is not so. It seems that what we need now is to step into self-acceptance and self-healing as the key to spreading that powerful and elevated energy. Coming from a place of internal wholeness allows us to effortlessly project that magnificent field out to heal those around us through compassion, commitment, and focus. Self-healing then tips the scales toward planetary holistic, inclusive wellness. What we think becomes.

This healing cannot be accomplished without first critically evaluating the thoughts and words we put out to the universe. The media doesn’t want to project self-awareness or empowerment, so it appears that such goodness does not exist. But that is not a place of heart. That is a place instead of control through fear.

So, speak clearly of the spark of whole wellness that is actually everywhere and coming first from within. Be kind to yourself as you explore your inner journey. See the good in you first, so you can more easily see the mirror of good in others. This absolutely does indeed exist and can be seen easily, with practice, through the lens of self-awareness, and then of that spark of light in each person each day.

PS: I will be speaking at Essential Health and Wellness Thursday September 22nd
at 6 pm. Topic is Calm in the Chaos. Visit the website and register for this class at

August 2022: Change as Opportunity

Welcome to August with lots and lots of changes, challenges, and low vibratory heckling to observe. This month can fool us like the photo I chose, taken during a hike in Colorado recently. Are we seeing a vision outside, or just a picture on a wall?
We are in a five-month representing our ability to either dance with flexibility, balance, and striving for greatness OR surrender to greed, intolerance, over indulgence. and addictive thought and behavior…
This month, it is very important to direct the energy of our higher selves with passion and dignity. Our words emit a vibration and the intention of our thoughts put into words are more powerful than ever before. It is important now to use our transformational words AND thoughts as a tipping point of change that will bring peace, prosperity, higher vibrations, and kindness.
The key here is to observe the illusion distracting us for what it is and focus with all our might at not only our personal greatness but the world we want for the highest good and for sustainability. See the manifestation of that higher vibration, surround that thought in bright light, and send that light impulse where it is needed most. Speak of wellness, potential, and expansion. Welcome change as bringing opportunity and hope.
At this time, we have a particularly vibrant surge in our human energy frequency to help us. That is because right now we are entering a portal, some calling Lion’s Gate. This is such an amazing opportunity to remember ancient wisdom of light on one side of this metaphorical gate and future aspirations of transformation on the other side. Then, while balancing earth and spirituality, we pass through this gate of Presence with discipline, dignity and compassion. Through intention, we activate this amazing energy frequency for the benefit of ourselves and all planetary inhabitants.
Have a Blessed August,

July 2022: The Bigger Picture with the Neutral Mind

Amazingly we have made it into the second half of 2022, and here we are… This is the month in 2022 to step into our intention of balance and reason by finding some way to DAILY hold a neutral space in our mind, even if for a moment. That way we can glimpse at the bigger picture and continue to project healing energy.

It is so very important that we continue to be the observer, and through the neutral mind, step back from the muck and triggers that strip us of inner peace. The balance of self and the balance of the planet have become one story so that which is happening around us will be felt in our bodies if we can’t neutralize and find balance. As above, so below, as within, so without.

While on a hike to find a spring last week, I came across a small amount of water with a bright pink flower insisting on showing up to remind me of our amazing natural world. Turns out this flower is somewhat rare and called Arizona Centaury or Rosita. Perfect. This hike with this gentle but determined flower, reminded me with awe, how the planet will continue to nurture and provide. Just enough water and vegetation to supply an otherwise arid environment.

How do we move forward this month? Make a plan for action with healing in mind. Access higher vibration and resonance to attract others to that same higher energy. Turn off the media more than ever. Listen to your own drum, that of healing. Find ways to heal through vibration.

I was given a gift of a web site yesterday (thank you Sari from . It turns out that I actually did not know how many people thought the Gong was as much of a healing energy as I do. I didn’t even know about this particular community until yesterday. I share it below but please, if interested in the Gong vibration, watch this quickly, I guess it goes away after the 4th of July….

And happy blessed Independence Day. Remember independence is now an inward state of being, self-aware, authentic, self-healing in search of a community of like-minded advocates and healers.

In Balanced health,


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