March, A Most Flower-filled 2019

March 2019 shows us as many showers of color as last month showed white everywhere. This month we see rebirth, regrowth in so much green, color, and freshness in our southwest.

This month I choose to discuss a block to healing: fear. As I was clearing out vast amounts of weeds in my yard, I fell. I fell hard, and have had time to pause and think about that. As I lay there, analyzing each body part for possible problems, bones, blood, consciousness, movement, I realized that I had nothing permanent, nothing broken, all systems go…. But slowly.

February 2019 Snowy and Rushed

February 2019: the month that seemed to rush by way too fast… With all good intentions to continue to develop thoughts on healing, it seems I spent too much energy this month trying to push for a particular and detailed historic theme. And it just wasn’t working for me. I forgot the root of healing just as many healing modalities of the past forgot… So, I now surrender to reflection on the peace found in the weather and the wind.

January 2019: A Creative Quest

Here we are in January of 2019, the year in numerological terms for enjoying friends and family, learning about new ideas without taking anything too seriously, and for lighting that creative torch without expecting anything to be permanent. Ready for paths and routes to change midway through a goal? Time to play with ideas but not accept all opportunities for now. Seems like that is how this January has gone so far for me…. And So, how is 2019 so far for you?

December: Miraculous conclusion of 2018

This December of 2018 is a month for pausing and observing our year, deciding what we have grown from over these months. It is also a time for us to observe our thoughts about what we have yet to understand as we move forward into a different energy for 2019.

November 2018 and the Amazing Number 11.

Here we are in November 2018, and in some areas the weather is gearing up for winter while the southwest takes a big sigh and is bathed by cool air and warm sun at the same time. The colors have come and gone to most of the high country, and yet the roses, bougainvillea, lantana, sage, desert marigold, crepe myrtle, Pistache tree leaves and berries, and cape honeysuckle are all beckoning monarch butterflies and hummingbirds everywhere to enjoy color.

October 2018: A Month for Creative Empowerment

October 2018:

September: Starting Fresh in the Miracle Year of 2018.

Here we are in the 9th month of 2018 and blessed to be able to begin feeling the potential for inspiration, finally. Most of 2018, although considered the year of miraculous opportunities, sometimes actually played out as cleaning out bits of the left over dirt from 2017.

August 2018: The Month of Connection and Action

Bring on this Grand eighth month of 2018-August, with all kinds of interesting gifts and challenges. This is the highest travel month world wide and most valuable from a tourist perspective.
The month of August was originally named Sextillis with March being the first month of the year. Lots of politics occurred, but eventually what we know of as the Gregorian calendar was developed with 12 months. The honor of the 8th month was named after Augustus Caesar.

July, the 7th month of 2018 and a highly symbolic number

Welcome to July, 2018 and an amazing number seven.

Numerologically, this is the month to stay grounded and observant. This month is a reflective month, mastering your higher self. Avoid contributing to the negativity around you. This is not a month to act on any wish to dump ideas, but instead, a time to consider all options, preparing in your mind, a declaration of independence from that which you do not want to carry, mirror, nor manifest.

Sunny June, the 6th month of 2018

Here we are in June, 2018, set for warm weather and hopefully some heart felt connections. The 5 Tattvas and associated elements that were explored in the last months, are now put aside as we enter the 6th month.

For the sake of continuing the theme of each month associated with a number, this month we explore the link to the number six in the year of new beginnings 2018.

Six is a number that represents heart, home, compassion and mother earth (Gaia).

Important Upcoming Workshop on Hope and Healing

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May 2018, the month for a RE-TREAT

May 2018 has arrived in our year of new beginnings with a strong urge to just STOP. The number five here may represent flexibility, balance, and endurance. With so much going on prior to May this year, it might be time to slow down and regroup. So this is the month to pause and perhaps take or plan a break.

April 2018: Heartfelt Plans

Hmm, April is half over and we made it through a holiday, a full moon, some glitches with sun spots and the retrograde. So now we look at the number 4 (as in the fourth month) in this year of miracles and new beginnings in 2018.

March: The Third Month of Miraculous New Beginnings in 2018

Spring represents all things fresh bright and colorful. Flowers bloom (if it isn’t still snowing), hope of new birth, fresh ideas, and creative endeavors are given birth this month.

In the world of numbers: the number 3 is often thought of as creative, bright, team playing, expressive, artistic. It sometimes could leave us scattered, incomplete, ungrounded, and sad too.

February 2018: The Second Month of the Year of Miracles 2018

In the tradition of yoga there are 10 bodies representing energy levels. The related numerology for this month describes number 2 (2nd month) as the negative or discerning mind. This is a powerful and important aspect of the mind that supports and protects us from danger. It is also a very creative number and all about relationships in two’s. It is a number to represent the longing to belong. A perfect match for this month known for Valentine’s day.


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