January 2022: Navigating with Heart and with Voice

Welcome to 2022 and the year of SIX. This means it is the year of associating all things related to heart, home, sacred space, the earth itself and nature. This 6 year provides an opportunity for addressing our personal self-esteem as well as our collective worth with a real chance to critically look at our fear-beasts.
Fear causes a weakening of our immune system so this year is an extremely important time to stand up powerfully and in solidarity in order to strengthen our immune systems and our world.
Please do not underestimate our connection to the benefits of our planetary microbiome. Do not forget that our bodies and the billions of beneficial bacteria, virus, fungi, microbes that are integrated and woven into our uniqueness, are all keen on supporting our natural immunity. It is time to understand how that will heal us.
This is our quest for 2022.
What does it take to build and support our immunity long term and with the help of nature?
How can the earth and all the energetic beings on this planet be supportive to the collective healing potential?
What do we stand for as a human race among all creatures on earth?
How do we expand our awareness through our heart, service, love, empathy, kindness to rise up to those who want us to remain in fear and oppression?
What does it take to heal wounds of separation?
How do we navigate through so many layers of fear to find peace and hope this Aquarian year?
These are all questions to be curious about and play with for 2022.

So what does this month of January provide during this year?
This January represents the number 7: This is a month to rebuild our voices into the universal equation.
This is a month to stand up and speak out for common bonds in order to bring us together in fearless autonomy.
It is our collective voices either written, spoken, sung, whispered that will awaken the paralyzed, brainwashed, judgmental, and fearful hearts that are now separating us. The drum roll of fear can be broken with the voices of reason, logic, moderation, trust, open-mindedness, kindness, and tolerance.
Gain courage through dissonance and with curiosity. Also, laughter.
Make reintroductions with those that you have lost touch with over the last few years.
See the blessings of all things heart and home.
All thoughts expand if attention is given to them, so breathe into the highest good for all.
Love and Light, Kathleen

December 2021: Empowerment Through Compasson

This last month of 2021 is the month of compassionate action, personal health choices, and standing up in higher consciousness to NOT allowing others to dictate our personal health and wellness. This month is dedicated to empowerment, resolve in personal strength, and preparing us to move into the year 2022 related to the heart/ home /integrity/ sacred space.
Fear and worry disabled our power as we waited to be told how to be protected. Meanwhile universal energy provided us with a reset of our energy starting with a forced halt of our old and outdated collective consciousness. Slowly and with time, tapping into our awareness, consciousness, and curiosity, we have come, or are coming, to understand that our true power is actually available from within, not from without. We are learning that our collective being as mind/body/spirit are still within our potential personal choices.
It is now time to transform outside power, story-telling, and sometimes force, to inside empowerment and compassionate awareness and open connections/communications.
Always remember that Energy follows Thought.
It is extremely important right now, to step back and view the world with a renewed consciousness and awareness as if through a new view finder, while we leave behind our obsolete beliefs and programming. In this way, we enter our newly activated and awakening selves by being in the light.
Remember how important you are for the advancement of our collective consciousness. I just watched, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, in black and white to remind myself once again that we all have purpose and are born for this time. Maybe consider taking time to watch that lovely movie….
The universe is supporting our crystalline evolution through some pretty magical and powerful energy influx during the 40 days up to 12/21/21. The date of 12/12/21 is considered a time of strong activation as a holy gate to this oncoming and very healing solstice. This date of 12/12/21 begins a time to very consciously pay attention to how the energy is shifting rapidly all around and through us for the rest of the month.
As these holidays are celebrated, remember to allow time every day to feel these higher transmissions and to tap into the frequencies provided through nature. Promise yourself the gift of awareness and self-care this month so you will be able to view the deep, unstoppable, and profound shift surfacing everywhere. That is how we will be able to reclaim our life force and power through nature and crystalline awareness.
From Patricia Cota-Robles at Era of Peace.org:
Be Still and Know that I am God
Be Still and know that I am
Be still and know
Be still

November 2021: Stillness Within Community

Today is 11/11/2021 and I must say I always love seeing 11:11 on my clock in the evening when I should have been in bed already, or random sightings of this number that many call angelic numbers. I see that sequence and feel somehow protected. In any case, today according to many, is the beginning of 40 days of vast healing around the planet, many energetic upgrades, lots of powerful eclipse and moon strengths, and all leading up to winter solstice.
There is one trick though. This month is called a seven month and is the month to remind ourselves to sit with “being alone without being lonely”…. What does that look like when the holidays are fast approaching? Well knowing that we are never actually going back to good ol’ days, what can we do to bridge into the new world without losing ourselves and feeling disconnected? Ah ha….
For this month and into next month, it is very important to just take time to be still daily. Consider smaller gatherings and meeting less often than you might have in years past. Stay clear of media that has too many mis-messages anyway. Pledge to eat clean, non-polluted foods because you can! Remove yourself from big money enticement, deep pocket shopping, worrying about how everyone else might judge you when that is no longer relevant. This is a very blessed month all starting with an angelic reminder that you are actually never alone within the universe, and only lonely when you are feeling disconnected with yourself within the universe….
Many blessings for this month of vast expansion. Enjoy!!!

October 2021: A Glimpse of 2022

Each October offers a window into the theme for the following year. The weather changes, we feel the interest to get outside, some plans for the fall and winter holidays are beginning, and we begin to feel fresh ideas for the coming year.

This month provides us with an opportunity to begin to reevaluate our homes, our heart-felt commitments, our families, our lifestyles. It is a great time to imagine and plan for a sacred space for ourselves in nature whether it is on a porch, a back yard, or a wilderness…

Although we are not quite there yet, we get to know that the heart year is on the horizon. As we are aware of the gifts of 2022, we need to keep embracing flexibility, and the physical needs of 2021. As we set our sites on the global home, we can take the rest of the year to give health and work related details some attention.

Are you caught up with your dental, vision, physical labs/ exams? Have you been looking at your work and choosing whether it is time to update your resume or assess if you really love your job right now?

Flexibility actually means keeping the integrity that you hold for yourself even though the outside pressures are in a world that is anything but transparent. Confused? Stay steady with your convictions and the right thing for you. That is your right after all. Realize that it might mean a new job will offer a like-minded / health conscious community that you have wanted all along.

So begin to feel the outcomes of this year by remaining flexible while holding to your highest and honored level of health for you. Get outside, get back to the hike with clean water in your hand. And set your sites on family, healing, caring, heart, home and community as we move through the calendar toward 2022.

September 2021: Maintaining Strength and Flexibility

This has been an interesting month for change, and adaptation to story. All of us have both an internal and external dialogue that we nurture, feed, and sometimes reject all together.
Bruce Lipton has always noted that these dialogues start with building our world knowledge templates as children. He always states that we learn like sponges with open theta brain waves until we are about 7 years old. Then we play on that series of stories throughout our lives until we decide to see them and consciously change the story moving forward. This month seems to have been that kind of dance.
The unpredictability of life these days has left some numb, some angry, some fearful, and some knowing that we were born for just this experience and are willing to ride this tornado until it dissolves leaving a power within us that we did not know we had.
I asked Sangeet (www.healingsource.com) when she thought we would hit bottom and she gave me so much clarity by stating there is no bottom and no top. Just experience that we can choose to fly with or drown in… wow.
I have been practicing the art of evaluating so much of what is happening around me as the observer instead of the participant or contributing editor. Not always successful as I do have my own strong opinion. But the more I attempt this enduring and restorative thought, the better I feel, and the more flexible I become for whatever is going to happen in one minute from now.
As always, I strongly recommend getting out as often as possible. Snap away from the routine even for a few hours to drive out of town in any direction and take a walk. See and smell water and trees, feel sand, hear wind, rain, thunder…. Live of the planet, ground and breathe: As Within, So Without. It makes a huge difference in this month of the physical!

August 2021 and the Neutral Mind

This is considered a four month. This time is intended to provide opportunities for structure, organization, bringing folks together, and the chance to rise above the din with a neutral mind. Who could imagine that potential being so tricky? As the world seems to remain in a state of chaos and control, we are clearly led to decide what is best not only for ourselves but also our planet that nourishes us. What is with this surge of water over this month? A kind of soothing? And the fires? Is that a planetary mirror about our human discord with so much anger and fear?
I continue to set the discord to the side as much as my human self can possibly accomplish, and take pause several times in the day, even if for a moment at a time. In that pause I can find a moment of peace. Is that the eye of the storm I am accessing? Maybe, but it is in that moment and space where I touch presence. And then in that place I can grow and find healing within a neutral mind…
Take moments in your day to find peace within and without. Seek out nature, the water, plants, birds…. And remember, that which you give attention to… GROWS.

July 2021: The Month of Hope and Play

Seems like this month has been a steady flow kind of month. This is the month to stay in THAT wave, and not allow yourself to get too burned out or run down. TAKE TIME to observe that wave. Maybe even literally find waves to watch. Waves of water? Or Waves of tree leaves? My daughter always says the palm trees sound like the ocean if you close your eyes and listen……
Anyone seeing me long enough knows that I often state that it is vital to look at the beast that is stressful in your life, look straight into it, and notice if that beast is really as dangerous as perceived. What beast? Health, work, boss, coworker, travel, relationships, burdens, pressures, too many commitments…… Really look and then imagine another outcome possibility as an equal or even higher likelihood. Now, imagine that different outcome with all the ideas within it that you DO want.
For example: Do you feel like work is horrible? Look at the parts that are horrible straight on: then write an opposite thought as in this part of my work is rewarding… Or work offers this right now… Or work is teaching me ___?
Then write those positive notes all over for this month. How can that best part grow and evolve? It may not end up being the same job but it does help define a future position…
Plod on this month toward that change in potential outcome. What do I choose to keep and what can I let go of, to allow a more peaceful aspect to grow? Write them down.
Keep health balanced and find play in each day. What about turning on some dance beat music and moving to that for 10 minutes? Tai Chi or yoga anyone? Go to new places, see the waves around you.
Have a blessed rest of July.

June 2021: Miracles Await Us

This is the 11 month in the yogic version of numerology, within the 5 year of 2021, carrying the gift of 3. The key is knowing what the numbers themselves represent. I like to think the numbers and their gifts offer some guidance and hope for each month.
This month, the 11 month, is considered a time for miracles to occur. This month opens a gate to more advanced awareness and tapping into quantum energy and healing. Now we have the ability to not only perceive but to receive information from our higher selves and to put that into action. When we become still, we can become clear about what we want. Energy and nature always seem to expand once intention is applied. If we hold that intention with the will to serve and heal, then true miracles do occur. More quickly than ever before as we move into the Aquarian era. Service allows us to know our selves, provide peace, kindness and hope.
Right now, we have a gift of 3, enhancing our creative capacity to help. What does it take to choose peace and hope while simply making disharmony obsolete and unnecessary? That is a different feeling than “my side vs your side”. It is just seeing through the fog without resistance, and refusing to feed that which is not of the highest good.
So, during this 5 month of flexibility, grounding, and physical body care, please get out there and stretch, breathe, encourage, move, find joy, seek peace, advocate the health of the earth and its resources. Clearly, what you put your energy into this month will flourish, so take good care what you wish for!!!!!

Magical Month of May, 2021

This month is noted as the month of new beginnings in this transformational year of 2021. Have you noticed that ideas appear very clearly but then seem to be fleeting? Do you see the tip of a creative new you, that suddenly retreats back into the shadows? That feels like confusion but is really samplings of what we can do with our thoughts and beliefs.

We have arrived at the new era we have been hoping for but it can not be fully embraced without seeing the beasts and frustrations surface all around us. Is it possible to learn to not embrace the drama and fear? Can we observe with getting too caught up in the bantering and bless all scenes presented to us? Will we finally see the spark in all as we all struggle to redefine our courage, renewed identity, and empowerment?

So ,what is the key for this month? A marvelous healer by the name of Tera gave me very clear instruction: Be Still! As in STOP and lay on the floor EVERY DAY and watch the fan turn around while asking, “what do I want?’ Nothing forced, nothing pressured. Just a dedicated gap in the day to reflect, and be completely open to be able to receive. Different from meditation and prayer, just practicing presence and BREATH.

We have an amazing full moon and lunar eclipse tonight. Go outside and get a nice ‘bath’ of that lovely light that is guiding us forward into our era of higher vibration.

If you get to this message in time, consider joining me TONIGHT with a gong bath under the full moon including a labyrinth walk at 8 pm at Ericshouse.org. Sign up by going to the website www.ericshouse.org

Also ,Tera is offering a meditation at 6 pm tonight to any interested in community and participation. That is tonight at 6 pm. I will be at both: Her website to sign up for this, open to the public, meditation in this most powerful full moon is: www.elevatedenergies.biz

Blessings, have a safe and relaxing memorial weekend.

April 2021: World of a KIND

This month we begin to step up and prepare for a new vision of our world. It is a time of wonder and uncertainty all at once. It is a nine month which asks us to observe and wait a bit…

I have a mug that says, “be kind”, and it beckoned that I pay attention as I had my coffee this morning. So, I began to consider the word KIND and how amazing and complex that word is for these times.
Kind: courteous, good-hearted, compassionate, friendly, helpful.
Kind: family, kin, type, variety, same.
Kind: sort, designation, breed, style, description.

While we are struggling through so many changes in our lives and reinventing ourselves, we are faced with anger and frustration about what we did know that does not apply so much now, and what we want for everyone as we watch them trying to find ways to alleviate panic, anxiety, insomnia, old habits and out dated beliefs.
It seems so appropriate right now, to find a simple word like KIND, and pause for a bit to determine how that can be placed in our bubble moving forward.

Through frustration what if we could see kindness, be kind, show our gentle side, address all of us as a kind… Wouldn’t that open the doors for a better world? Wouldn’t that provide access to so much more variety and diversity in life?

Now on this week of Earth recognition: What if we offered an act of kindness that would help bring the microbiome back into the soil, water seeds of new beginnings, provide a snapshot everywhere showng our magnificent earth? And what if we can extend Earth Day to every day with daily or hourly acts of kindness to the planet and all the tolerable kin trying to live in harmony and kindness.

Have a kindly kind of April and get outside to see nature in all its glorious beauty, and be kind….

March 2021: Active Balancing with the Breath

I notice that so many do not trust the health of their bodies, emotions, spirits, minds. Looking outside ourselves for answers gives us information that does not quite make sense so we question our minds.

We are getting bombarded with information that reminds us that our bodies are somehow flawed and need outside technology / treatments to be whole. Therefore, we don’t trust our bodies to be strong and heal.

One year later, with so much mixed messaging, we are now struggling with our emotional and spiritual potential and consciousness. Familiar life is not working anymore so that causes stress and anxiety and insomnia. Now we question ourselves emotionally and spiritually.

When we are led to believe that the answer to greater wellbeing is found outside of ourselves, then we are following a pattern that is old and outdated. A pill for that is not and really never was the answer.

We have passed a tipping point in our evolution and consciousness as the air element of the Aquarian times are at hand and still, we swirl from the monumentally rapid changes of 2020 which leaves us confused even more.

For March, we enter a very fast moving and intense time energetically. Imagine the physical body as a microcosm of the macrocosm or our outside world. Observe weather patterns, sun spots, earth movement, wind patterns and we can get clues about our physical selves.

We will find balance this month as we appreciate again that our physical bodies are innately whole communicators for the rest of our aspects of self: mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Key to this month of March is to take action by listening to your physical body and allow this part of yourself come into sync and balance with all parts of you and all you have been trying to learn over last year.

Remember to place your value of self-care on your daily calendar like a daily appointment with yourself: What time each day is for your physical body? The Four-part breath has always been my favorite although there are so many options out there. See 3HO.org for breath work ideas.

What time each day will you commit to flexibility and balance? Tai Chi? Yoga? Stretching exercises? Workout? Be mindful of your physical needs every single day. Take time to meditate. Look up Circadian Health to plan your day for balance. The more breath work (pranayama) and the more flexibility you can focus on at this time, then the more balance and wellbeing you will enjoy for all aspects of you: physically mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

February 2021: Self Appreciation and Self Care

Who was St. Valentine? Turns out there are lots of versions of this man (or different men), with the same ending. As I read through the versions, they all seemed to have themes of heroism, stepping up for what they thought to be right, healings of others, passion, and eventually martyrdom.
In these times, the ability to develop a sovereign and autonomous self in order to serve seems to have been stalled.
Fear is infecting so many, lack of voice is common, truth to one becomes a lie to the other, healing is not the point, experimental programs are now “ok”, and intolerance to any thought that you don’t subscribe becomes so challenging for the ability to seeing the light that shines in each of us. When we don’t comply with the loud outside voice, even when it makes no sense, then somehow, we are shunned. That lack of appreciation of independent thought, disrespecting the human self emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually is appalling right now.
This month of love must start with self-respect, self-love, self-appreciation. When we are in this kind of self-awareness, it is much easier to NOT be threatened by other points of view. No need to follow an outside collective thought and action, especially when there is no basis for this noise. Be still and listen.
Let us be alone with our selves without being lonely, try to see others’ views while respecting our own views for just a moment. See through compassion to decrease judgment. Find the spark between every set of eyes to bring hope.
Happy Month of Hope and Love: Sing, dance, chant, meditate, move, imagine, see, feel, breathe, get out, practice daily self-care, enjoy.

January 2021: Flexible Beings of LIght

Welcome to 2021: With every new year, we are guided to begin with fresh new energy and hope. With so much upheaval, suffering, and polarity seen in 2020, we naturally say good bye while moving forward with great aspiration. I felt pretty grateful to have moved from a reboot kind of year into this new year, believing that all the work of last year would show rewards NOW.

Some of my optimism stemmed from understanding that much of last year’s events held a spiritual slant among light workers around the world. Light workers, (and you know who you are), are those who have chosen to be on this planet to serve, showing the way, in some capacity, for the highest good for everything and everyone on this planet. Lightworkers have been working hard to heal others, and to allow others to see in themselves, the capacity to choose to be and become more awakened/aware. These lightworkers have banded together in the light, feeling, praying, healing, and contributing to that tipping point of awareness toward what is called the Aquarian times of peace. No turning back, it WILL be ok.

However, the lessons of last year must include appreciating that with so many profound changes, it is time to look at everything with fresh eyes instead of hoping things would be as before. Everyone grows at their own pace and to their own capacity.
Well it has been far from a peaceful transition and many of those who have worked so hard to share the light also became a little bit righteous because they work so hard to spread this light, so why doesn’t everyone out there see what they see?

It suddenly occurred to me that the light workers must shift now to be light-beings, not workers. It’s time now to be the light, see the light, carry the light to all because actually the work part is past. The healing of consciousness is in the individual choice of the presence, the now, the stillness within. So uplift and stand ready, shine the light, allowing the higher consciousness of those that want that path to join in as they are able. So Be it.

What does that mean for 2021? This is the year of the number 5 (2+0+2+1=5). Five in this form of numerology represents flexibility, physical health of the body, the earth, the surroundings. Now is an important time to reevaluate the foods and nutrients we put in our bodies, the toxins we need to be able to eliminate, the toxic thoughts that no longer serve us, the air we breathe, Terra Vida.

The planet will likely be clearing itself in many ways this year, we humans need to as well. Get out, meditate, move your body and stretch every day, eat cleaner, clean out clutter in your home, take a few supplements that are not easy for you to get due to poor food sources, breathe consciously and with purpose.

Take good care of your immune system especially this month and no matter what is happening outside of yourself, take a moment to see the spark in all individuals with compassion. That is a discipline well worth your time.

December 2020: The Ending and the Beginning

This month has brought so many twists and turns that it is frankly difficult to keep up. But then that may be the perfect design for the last month of the wildest ride called 2020. As we complete this year, I am reminded that we have been given cues over and over to pause, breathe, quiet the mind, be flexible, get sleep, learn to connect in new ways, spend differently, live in society differently, and seek peace through enormous pressure and adversity.

What have we learned? What part of this crazy were we born at this time to explore? It was already occurring to us that we needed to get off this gerbil wheel of environmental destruction, social destruction, life going full speed into the wall, yet how could we have known that we would have to hit that wall full on before we would be able to reboot? So here we are.

As we end the year and the planets align in a new era, it is time to remember what has been gained as well as what has been lost. Through many months of contemplation and reflection, I learned a fundamental truth recently: We can ask what the world/ life/ universe/ God/ society…. does TO us, or we can ask what these events/people/universe/ God… do FOR us. There is a huge difference in how we move forward with the use of these two questions.

What the outside did TO us leaves us victimized, abused, and wanting. Consider that “TO us” implies that someone else is responsible for our feelings, our actions, our wellbeing. And that if others behaved the way we want them to, then the world would turn on its axis properly.
Consider for a minute what the outside did “FOR us” and this thought inherently provides us with an opportunity for curiosity, reflection and pause. It gives us a chance to take adversity and grow on a very personal level. Not to mention prosperity, and a vision of a cleaned-up environment, and a chance for our children to learn flexibility through challenges of life, as an example.

So, what do you want for your new life in 2021? The answers certainly aren’t clear but the ability to adapt is improving along the way. So, I ask lots of advice from mentors and friends. I have taken lots of online classes, searched deeply for my own truth, asked help through meditation, prayer. I belong to a group meditation. I have a life coach. I ask for a tune up for my body when it seems to be too exhausted.

One of the events I really gain so much comfort from is Sangeet’s weave of numbers for each year. You may have noticed that I incorporate numbers into my monthly blog…
The online class regarding the numerology for 2021 is actually very, very soon: She will have her online class this year on Sunday December 27th (today). Sorry for the short notice but to sign up, her website is www.healingsource.com, or www.simplysangeet.com, if you are interested in taking this course too.

This is certainly an extremely difficult time for all, so carry on with compassion. Stay in a peaceful balance as often as you can through conscious awareness, and look with a spark of light and gratitude at all the changes, as a design upgrade FOR our highest good.

November 2020: Review and Renewal

On this week of Thanksgiving, I am always drawn to memories of my life and others who in so many ways contributed to shaping who I am. Not all good memories mind you, but certainly places of growth and no matter what, these relationships are interesting stories of the past whether they serve me NOW or not.
As these memories surface at this time, I am so grateful that I am able to find peace and kindness, community, and smiles throughout my life experiences.
I learned years ago, that the prefix “re“ added to so many words can be incorporated into a soothing and grateful memory when old patterns that no long serve me begin to bubble up. These “re” words have more and more meaning these days. So consider a “re“ word when you feel stuck in an emotion related to this month to begin our holidays within the new world we live in now.
Re-member: kindness that we are members of an all one collective of Human Beings
Re-mind: ourselves that our past holds gifts as well as challenges, so access the mind to steep in gratitude often
Re-view: that past with current eyes for vision and growth
Re-newal: time to embrace all these wild changes as a new chance for healing ourselves and the planet.
Re-juvenate: thinking of our youth through the lens of bringing back the youthful fun and laughter
Re-generative: repair of the earth as a way for human survival (see John Fullerton at capitalinstitute.org).
I hope genuinely that during this Thanksgiving time, we can all take pause, slow the breath and see so much beauty and kindness within our close family and our bigger communities. This moment of kindness and service found each day are the keys that open not only balance in our own lives but provide a shift to all in a wave of healing energy.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving, however you choose to celebrate and take note.
PS: This Sunday the 29th I am performing a gong and labyrinth walk at www.ericshouse.org
I will also be presenting on December 5th at 10:00 am in an open forum on healing the whole self.
Then on Tuesday the 1st of December I will be speaking with other sound healers about the benefits of sound for health. That site is www.ericshouse.org/events/sound-healing-panel-12-1/ Please see the calendar drop down found on www.ericshouse.org to sign up for any of these events.
PSS: I am attaching a repeat of the protocol (by popular request) for THE current high publicity illness as it has been shown to have very beneficial results in my practice:
Vitamin A supports immune system at the nasopharyngeal and gut mucous lining.
Vitamin A drops (animal based): 200,000 IU single bolus or 10,000 IU daily for 20 days done twice a year decreases the effect of viral exposure. And continue vitamin A for weeks post infection at lower doses.

Vitamin C as ascorbic acid and best if liposomal ascorbic acid (you can make yourself if you are chemistry inclined) and doses up to 1-2 grams daily in split doses throughout the day. Vitamin C is proven to disrupt the viral replication process, decreases duration and severity of viral illness. Enhanced scavenging effect of white cell count is significant with vitamin C. Vitamin C also recycles Glutathione in the cells, further strengthening the cells’ defense against the parasite.

Zinc if taken within 24 hours of onset of symptoms may shorten the duration of the illness. Its role appears to be in the ability to improve mucous membrane integrity and offer a direct anti-viral effect on rhinovirus replication. (children 10 mg daily). Zinc also improves the cellular integrity to not allow viral replication.

Vitamin D: protection overall and accelerates white blood cell maturity. Short term high dose (140,000 IU) significantly increased frequency of the T cell replication and activity. Vitamin D showed improvement in autoimmune diseases. Taken in winter months: significantly reduced risk of upper respiratory illnesses. Vitamin D and Influenza-studies showing seasonal drop of Vitamin D can contribute to increase viral illnesses, most ‘at risk’ populations for influenza have lowest levels of Vit D (Nursing home residents).

Magnesium and Epsom salts prevent one of the toxins from pertussis, and possibly from other viral parasites, as well as calms the nervous system which allows the body to build its own defenses. Magnesium and Vitamin C together have been shown to limit the side effects of viral illness especially with the MTHFR pathway dysfunction. Methyl B vitamins help the pathway to allow better defense.

NAC and Vitamin C recycles glutathione. N-Acetyl Cysteine or NAC inhibits viral replication & expression and acts as a mucolytic. At dose of 600mg 2x/day can help prevent viral illness and safe to take year around. To fight the flu or cold can go up to 2-3,000mg/day for several days. Very important for COPD patients. Increased levels of Glutathione in body are protective.

Acetaminophen depletes glutathione.
Ibuprofen decrease gut microbiome and decreases a major body defense.

Increase your minerals and electrolytes to support the cells - Minerals without sweeteners in water and broths are enormously beneficial. I recommend Phytomulti by Metagenics or multiple minerals in glass blue bottle from sprouts. Glass blue bottle and called Multiple Minerals.

Post infection A, D, C intake are important for a few weeks post infection to continue cell strength and integrity.


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